About Me

Hey, I am so glad you made it to my website. I am Hetal Kamdar, food, art and travel blogger, hands on mom, compulsive foodie, dreamer, food photographer, food stylist, and recipe developer of my little space . This is a vegetarian website and you will find lots of regional, international and fusion dishes. I do not believe in diet fads as I am a foodie and love to cook religiously with only the best and fresh ingredients.  Occasionally you may find some interesting recipes that may include eggs. So join me in this never-ending, ever-evolving and forever creative site.

I hail from Mumbai city-the city of dreams. Being born in a Guajarati family, with an inheritance of sweet tooth and serious food addiction, my love for cooking is simply justified. Also, married to a foodie, staying in 3 culturally and gastronomically different parts of the world (India, Switzerland and Singapore) in a span of 15 years, and being a mother of 2 very adorable (but extremely “picky”) daughters has just added to the diversity of my cooking. I worship my mom who has gracefully passed her attributes to me.

Flirting with paint brushes, stimulating with colors, creating memories around food and exploring the places through my lens are few things that excites and ignites my creative cells. Learning is a never-ending process and going out of my comfort zone and experimenting with new food, style and art is something that I have an appetite for. My food is simple yet bursting with flavors. Be it a plate or a palate I like to play with colors. Cooking and creativity is as important to me as living and breathing.

Food brings together family and friends and nothing makes a recipe complete unless it is served with a healthy dose of love. So, I like to capture the spirit and create memories around delicious food and serve it with love. The recipe here are tried and tested in my kitchen and are fairly simple and easy to execute. It can be incorporated into any cooking repertoire and are addictive enough to recreate memories.

Over a period of time I have learned is sparing some time for your passion is as important as breathing. My website is a reflection of my thoughts, experiences and hard-work.

I also love to travel, especially short road trips to places of cultural, gastronomical and historical importance. Taking photographs of my trip is something I never fail to do and document it. I will be sharing my experiences and reviews of the places that I have visited in the past few years in my Travelogue section.

I also conduct cooking workshops with kids and adults and the details you can see in my Workshop section.

I celebrate life on a daily basis and lots of stuff interests me. I am a Bollywood aficionado, socially active person who loves to explore different restaurants and clubs and also spend lots of time with my kids and their activities. I am a hostess at heart and love to entertain family and friends over parties.

Now just a quick list of things about My favorites:-
Cuisine- Italian, Thai and Mexican
Ingredients- Butter, Cream, Cheese and Bread
Vegetables- Bell peppers, Onions, Garlic and beetroot
Fruits- Strawberries and Mangoes
MY Serious addiction- Tea and occasionally Coffee

My weaknesses are:-
Indian sweets
Fruit desserts
Bite-size appetizers
Mumbai street food

Few things that I am intolerant towards:-
Fake smile

Finally I believe in love, passion and karma !!

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