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Christmas Chocolate Oreo Barks

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250 grams’ white chocolate
8-10 White cream Oreo biscuits
1 drop of blue food color

Christmas Chocolate Oreo Barks

  • 10 minutes
  • Serves 2
  • Easy


I have recently discovered my new weakness this Season-Christmas barks.This is probably one of the easiest recipe to try this year. Well what could be fastest and yummiest than Chocolate Oreo barks. It is made with just 3 ingredients and it takes not more than 10 minutes. Whip all the ingredients together and you surely have some tempting and delicious stuff to offer.

While I had decided to make some Christmas barks and cookies this year I thought of this friend of mine. He is a good photographer and since I wanted to learn some technicalities about it I invited him for the shoot.

I totally go by my aesthetic sense when it comes to clicking food pictures. This time because of my friend Rauf I got to learn some technicalities about it and practical sessions always work. Hope you all will like the recipe and the pictures along with the composition.

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1) Cover a baking pan with a parchment paper and keep it aside.

2)Break Oreo biscuits into small pieces and keep it aside.

3)Chop white chocolate into pieces and place in a microwave safe container and heat it for a minute.

4)Remove it from the microwave stir it and heat it again for 30 seconds and add blue food color at this point and mix well.

5)Pour the melted white chocolate on the parchment paper and sprinkle the Oreo pieces on top of it.

6)Spread very lightly with the help of a spatula and coat the biscuits evenly on the chocolate.

7)Place the tray into the refrigerator until set and firm.

8) Remove and gently break the barks into small pieces with your hand.

9)Leave it at a room temperature for couple of hours and then store it in an air tight container.



You can totally omit the food color and make them with either white or milk chocolate.

Use best quality of chocolates for better taste.

I recently celebrated my daughters 10th birthday party with Frozen theme. So I have added blue food color that was perfect with my theme.

You can also make these barks in large batches and gift it this season. Wrap it in plastic foil or arrange them in any decorative boxes and you have an easy edible DIY gift ready.

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