Latest Recipes

  • Banarasi Hajmola Chai
    Banarasi Hajmola Chai / Tea is an aromatic brew that is mixed with crushed Hajmola and lemon. This Hajmola Chai creates quite a storm in
  • Rose Lassi
    Rose Lassi with step-by-step pictures and a detailed recipe. Rose Lassi is a frothy yogurt-based drink that tastes so sublime. This is a delicious twist
  • Nutella Hot Chocolate
    Nutella Hot Chocolate is my new obsession. This silky, smooth, and satiny drink has my heart these days. Why settle for a classic hot chocolate
  • Puran Poli,
    Puran Poli with step-by-step pictures and a detailed recipe. This Gujarati Puran Poli is a very easy Puran Poli Recipe that is mainly prepared using
  • Mango Iced Tea
    Mango Iced Tea is a refreshing cool drink that is prepared with a fresh puree made from Alphonso.  In summers, this Mango Iced Tea is
  • Darjeeling Food Festival at Four Points Sheraton, Vashi
    India is a country rich in culture, heritage, and food. Every state has its own cuisine with unique flavors. Trying, understanding, learning, and experimenting with
  • Barrel & Co, Buzzing Club for Night Owls
    Barrel & Co is a classy dining bar located at Andheri. It’s the best party place and a perfect spot for night owls. With a
  • Aam Panna | Raw mango cooler
    Aam Panna or Raw mango cooler is a refreshing and classic drink for summers. Its sweet and sour taste is tickling and bursting with spices. 
  • Sabudana Tikkis
    Sabudana Tikkis recipe with step-by-step pictures and detailed instructions. This Sabudana Tikki is a delicious snack recipe that is mainly eaten during Fasting or Vrat
  • Spiritual Vibes With Tokenz Brass Diyas
    Burn the evil and spread Spiritual Vibes With Tokenz Brass Diyas. Lighting Diyas has been a norm for any Indian rituals or festivals. It is
  • Sev Puri
    Sev Puri recipe with step-by-step and detailed pictures. This is one of the most popular chaat items or street food available all across India. Sev
  • Veg Kurma / Vegetable Korma
    Veg Kurma / Vegetable Korma recipe with step-by-step detailed pictures. This Veg Kurma is absolutely flavorsome and a wholesome vegetable dish. It is made with
  • Vrat Wale Kuttu Parathas
    Vrat Wale Kuttu Parathas | Buckwheat Flour Flat Bread with step-by-step pictures and detailed recipe. Kuttu Parathas are a gluten-free, nutritious, and delicious Paratha Indian
  • Vrat Ke Dahi Aloo
    Vrat Ke Dahi Aloo also known as Potato Yogurt Curry with step-by-step pictures and a detailed recipe. This Vrat Ke Dahi Aloo is such a
  • Cinques, Pizzas, Pastas and More
    Our Pre-Valentine Italian feast tasted outstanding from this newly opened cloud kitchen Cinque. They have this amazing offer, Buy 1 Get 1 Free going to.
  • Mickey’s Halloween Street Party at Hong Kong Disneyland, Picture Gallery
    Mickey’s Halloween Street Party at Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the most popular parades.. This Mickey’s Halloween Street Party fills the entire place with
  • Strawberry Milkshake
    Strawberry Milkshake with step-by-step pictorial recipe/ How to Make the Best Strawberry Milkshake at Home? This Strawberry Milkshake is very creamy, smooth, and delightful. The
  • Strawberry Lassi
    Strawberry Lassi or Strawberry Yogurt Drink is a refreshing and cooling drink.  It is made with fresh or frozen strawberries, chilled yogurt or curd, and
  • Delhi Highway, Best Vegetarian Place for North Indian Thali
    Delhi Highway is a pure veg restaurant served delicious North Indian Food. I visited the branch at Lower Parel today and it gave a nice
  • Gajar Ki Barfi
    Gajar ki Barfi or Carrot Barfi with step-by-step pictures and detailed recipe. Gajar Ki Barfi is a humble and divine sweet delicacy that is prepared