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Chocolate and Dates milkshake

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1 cup full fat milk
2 scoops Chocolate ice ceam
1/2 cup Black dates
1 cup Cornflakes

Chocolate and Dates milkshake

  • 5 minutes
  • Serves 2
  • Easy


This Chocolate and Dates Milkshake is so rich, luscious and creamy. It’s loaded with vitamins and iron. This milkshake is made with dates, chocolate ice cream, milk and corn flakes. Yes !! you heard me right!! I have snekaed cornflakes in the milkshake, well for 2 reasons. Firstly they are very healthy cereals and secondly they give a nice grainy texture to the milkshake. This Dates and chocolate milkshake is a win-win recipe especially for kids and it serves as a perfect after school snack. Kids will love this recipe as it has all of their favourite ingredients:-Dates, Chocolate ice-cream and Cornflakes.

There are few amazing health benefits of Dates such as:-

  • The fiber content in dates helps in digestion.
  • They help in reducing bad cholesterol.
  • They are good for bones and brain.
  • They help in boosting energy.
  • They are very good source of iron.


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Chop dates and keep it aside.
Crush 1/2 cup of cornflakes and keep it in a bowl.
Blend together all the ingredients in a blender till it is a smooth consistency.
Pour it into a glass and top with crushed cornflakes.



This recipe includes dates and chocolate ice cream, so there is no need to add sugar in it.
Serve this milkshake immediately as it will taste best.
Top it with crushed cornflakes for the crunch.

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