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1 liter water
3 tea bags of green tea
2 big size oranges
2 tbsp honey
1 lime
8-10 sprigs of fresh mint leaves
Ice cubes

Orange Ice Tea | Green Tea Gone Chic

Ice tea is my way to chill out on a hot and a sultry day. It’s refreshing and low in calories as there is no sugar added. It is sweetened with honey which will give you a trace of antioxidants. Make it ahead of time and enjoy it as and when you want to sip it. It’s actually quick and convenient to make it at home.I wanted to try this version with GREEN TEA. Yes…its iced green tea with fresh orange squeezed and dash of lime with goodness of honey and freshness of mint. That’s something I call a health and refreshment in a glass. It is full of anti-oxidants and a healthy option to our regular iced tea

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Boil water in a bowl for 10 minutes.
Switch off the gas and add the green tea sachets and cover it with a lid.
Brew the green tea for not more than 5 minutes and then discard the sachets.
Let the tea cool completely and then pour the tea in the glass pitcher.
Now squeeze 1 big orange and lime juice in that and stir it.
Add honey and mint leaves in the tea.
Finally put some slices of 1 fresh orange in that and let it infuse its flavor.
Top it up with ice-cubes as many you want.
Keep it in the fridge and have it chilled.

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