Shahi Tukra – Classic Mughlai Delicacy

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Ingredients for 1 liter Rabri:
1 liter Full fat milk
1 1/2 cups Sugar
2 tsp Cardamom powder
8-10 Saffron Strands
For Bread tukra:
4 Slices of White or Brown Bread
2-3 tbsp Ghee (Clarified butter) for frying bread
For Sugar syrup:
1/2 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup Water
For garnishing:
10-12 Almond flakes
10-12 Raisins
2 tsp Dry Rose petals
Pistachio Flakes (optional)

Shahi Tukra – Classic Mughlai Delicacy

How to make Shahi Tukra

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Shahi Tukra as the name suggests literally means Royal dessert that has its roots in the Mughals cuisine. It is a rich, classic, creamy and a luscious dessert that you can plan to make for this Diwali.

Shahi means Royal and Tukra means a piece of bread, so it literall means Shahi Tukra. Pieces of bread are fried till golden brown and crispy and are served with Saffron flavour Rabri (thick sweet milk) laden with dry fruits. This aromatic and delicious dessert is served cold and will surely make a memorble one.

The tale goes like this – one of the Nawabs of Awadh  – who was certainly not very famous for his generosity – used to distribute stale breads among his subjects on his rounds in and around the kingdom. Apparently, he had almost thousand chefs or khansamas in his kitchen. One of them came up with an idea. He dipped those stale breads; the nawab would distribute among his people, with sugar syrup and then pour thickened milk over it. And, the recipe for shahi tukra came up. This was one of the many stories anecdotes by Chitrita Banerjee in her book Amazon.



For making Rabri:

Soak saffron strands in warm milk and keep it aside in a bowl.
Boil 1-liter milk in a heavy bottom pan.
Once you get the first boil that is after 5 minutes simmer it on a low flame and keep boiling till the milk reduces in half quantity. Keep scraping the cream from the sides of the pan and add it into the milk.
Now add sugar and Saffron strands into the milk and keep stirring it in between.
Allow the milk to boil further for 20 minutes stirring it in between till the milk becomes thick and has almost reduced to 1/4 of the quantity. Transfer the milk into a bowl and let it cool under the room temperature. Once its cooled down keep the rabri into the refrigerator.


For making sugar syrup:

Add sugar, cardamom powder and water into a pan and boil it till sugar dissolves. It will take approximately 3-4 minutes. Boil the syrup till you get one thread consistency. Keep it aside and let it cool.


For the bread slices:

Cut the core of the bread slices and keep it on a plate.
Take a small pan and heat it. Add ghee in the pan and heat it on a medium flame.
Once the ghee is hot fry the bread slices till they are crispy and golden brown in color.
Remove it and keep it on a plate.


For the garnishing:

Heat ghee in a small pan and fry almond flakes and raisins in it.
Once they are nicely brown in color remove them in a bowl.


For soaking bread:

Once you have fried the bread slices in the ghee, soak them in the sugar syrup for 3-4 minutes and place it on a serving plate.


For serving Shahi Tukra:

We have done all the necessary preparations for making Shahi Tukra.
Now its time to assemble it just before serving.
Take the serving plate where you had placed the bread slices soaked in sugar syrup (in the step above) and pour the chilled Kesar rabri on it and garnish with fried dry fruits and sprinkle some dry rose petals on it. Serve it chilled and relish it.

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