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Hetal Kamdar, Founder at HetalKamdar.com

I am so excited that you are here.

Hi! I’m Hetal Kamdar, a home chef, Food Blogger, food photographer and food stylist, and recipe creator at www.hetalkamdar.com

I am a homemaker and a hands-on mom to 2 of my lovely daughters who are 11 and 14 years old (2020). My family is one of the main reasons for me starting this blog. This journey started in 2012 starting when I just started as a naive and newbie blogger at hetalsgourmetcafe.com, then starting my own blog in 2015. Over the years I have learned the nuances of cooking, styling, and photography.

Cooking has always been my passion since I was a teenager. My mom cooks the most delicious food with lots of love. She has been an inspiration to me. she always allowed me to explore, experiment, and try new dishes. Apart from learning Gujurati food I also learned different cuisines like Italian, Mexican, and Chinese from my mom and aunts.

This blog is a result of my passion and love for cooking and everything that interests me. What began as a place for me to explore and share about my random musings, has now morphed mainly into creating and sharing recipes, and my travel experiences. The recipes that I share on my blog are vegetarian, simple, easy to prepare, at the same time healthy and delicious.

Lifestyle and Parenting is something that interests me to write. I share reviews on products, Playzones, web series, beauty products, etc. I also get invites to review restaurants and properties and upload them here from time-to-time.

This blog is mainly to share all the easy, quick, vegetarian recipes that I love to cook. My recipe is a collection of Indian and International cuisines from simple to exotic food. Most of the recipes are very easy and less time consuming and are shown in step-by-step pictures so that it becomes easy for my followers to understand.

Presently, My husband and I are working together on this blog. We are working really very hard to bring the best quality content to our followers. My husband takes care of all the technical aspects, coding, layout, and design of the website whereas I am the chef, photographer, and content writer here. Together we are working as a team and we promise to serve this website with lots of new and quality content from time to time. All the recipes here are tried and tested in our kitchen before it goes out on our blog.

About marriage life

After our marriage, we moved and lived in Zurich, Switzerland for 8 years, and both our daughters are born in Zurich. Living in such a beautiful country with organic food and lifestyle has surely changed our life. We believe in using mainly fresh and seasonal ingredients in our cooking. Also, a lot of my cooking is inspired by the Swiss lifestyle. Having said that I love to make good chocolate tarts and other chocolate desserts that are loved by my kids, family, and friends.

We also lived 1 year in Singapore from where we have adopted a few recipes. You will see fusion recipes with a healthy twist too.

So with the influence of different cultures and lifestyles over the years, my cooking style is very liberal and innovative too. However, I am also trying all the traditional dishes from different states of India.

Brand Collaboration

I have worked with many brands in the past and am willing to collaborate with many brands in the future. For knowing more details please,

Drop a line at hetalkamdar01[at]gmail[dot]com

You can also contact me through social media.

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