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Thank you for visiting my website. I am so glad you value food, travel, and lifestyle as I do. This journey of Blogging for 5 years has changed my perception and outlook toward food more so being a mom of 2 lovable daughters.

My values and food philosophies

Cooking has been my passion since childhood and I absolutely value that. My thoughts on food are very simple and mainly intuitive. For me, there is nothing like a perfect diet, making healthy choices should be made as per your body needs and demands. No one should judge you on the basis of what you eat. So what if I love to indulge in a slice of cake or a chocolate bar for breakfast. As long as my tummy is smiling, I am happy.

However, our society has made lifestyle and dieting choices more complicated. My philosophy differs and I am not the one who will eat kale or have an oat smoothie for breakfast daily. I absolutely don’t agree with the fad diets unless there are some health complications. That doesn’t mean I don’t cook or eat healthy food. Honestly, food and lifestyle have to be a good balance between resisting temptations and indulgence. This is exactly what I believe in and honestly, I love to eat. I will not deny the fact that I live to eat, not in the literal sense!! But yes, Food excites me to another level, and eating good food gives me joy in life.

My core skills and strength lie in cooking authentic, and extremely lip-smacking food at home. Cooking at home gives me the liberty to be selective of ingredients and also make healthy choices for me and my family. In conclusion, I can feed nourishing and delicious food to my family.

My life majorly revolves around incorporating good tasty food in our diet, trying new regional and international recipes every now and then. I have a treasure trove of cooking books that I refer to from time to time to learn and enhance my skills.

Above all, my happiness lies in cooking and relishing every morsel of food that I eat.

About this Blog

This blog started in 2015  as a result of my passion and love for cooking and everything that interests me. What began as a place for me to explore and share about my random musings, has now morphed mainly into creating and sharing recipes.

The recipes that I share on my blog are vegetarian, simple, and easy to prepare at home. Most of the recipes are shown in step-by-step pictures so that it becomes easy for my readers to understand.

Also, being a food connoisseur on Zomato (level 13) I accept invites and find it pleasing to review different and new restaurants mainly to understand the culture and nuances of food. It’s been a great journey till now and also a lovely experience to taste a variety of cuisines of the world sitting in the comfort of a restaurant in our country. This process actually brings me closer to customs and traditions and way of lifestyle. You can click on the link to read all my unbiased Restaurant Reviews.

Lifestyle and Parenting, and Travel are other interesting genres that I love to write. I share reviews on products, Playzones, web series, beauty products, restaurants, properties, and so on.

Presently, My husband and I are working together on this blog.

About marriage life

We got married in 2001 and almost after a year of our marriage, we moved to Zurich, Switzerland and lived there for 8 years. Both our princesses are born in Zurich. Living in such a beautiful country where organic food and fresh produces were at our disposal all the time has surely changed our concepts of food and lifestyle. We believe in using mainly fresh and seasonal ingredients in our cooking. Also, a lot of my cooking is inspired by the Swiss lifestyle. Moreover, I love to make good chocolate tarts and enticing chocolate desserts that are loved by my kids, family, and friends.

We also lived 1 year in Singapore and with such extensive exposure to places, my cooking style and concepts are very liberal and have found new bounds.

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