Welcome to the Caribbean island! This Jamaican-style soup is unique and filled with the goodness of veggies.

It’s spiked with coconut milk and just the right spices.

A bowlful will keep you light ‘n fresh, yet leave you asking for more.

1 cup boiled french beans
1 cup boiled carrots
1 cup boiled sweet corns
1 onion chopped
5-6 clove of chopped garlic
1 cup coconut milk
4-5 leaves of fresh basil
1 small cup chopped coriander
1 tspn olive oil
All spice powder (available at Gourmet stores)
salt as per taste.

Heat the oil in a pan..add onions and garlic until they soften.
Roast it for 2 minutes.Now add all the boiled vegetable..basil and mix well. Add salt and allspice powder and the coconut milk. Add 1 cup of water and bring it to a boil and serve it piping hot.Season it with coriander and relish it before it cools down.