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Bhidu (My friend), Here is a collection of Bambaiya Hindi (Mumbai Slang), Tapori, street-style words added by my husband, Ashish Kamdar. These slang words are not used in the daily conversation by everyone, but these typical Mumbai slang words are imbibed in an average Mumbaikar (a Mumbai resident) and used. Reader discretion is advised as some of the content is for people above 18 years of age (More words and phrases are added daily. The audio version of its usage coming soon. Stay Tuned!)

Apun अपुन (I, Me, Myself)
Apun Alibaug se nahee aaya (I aint a fool)
Adiyal ( e.g. : Ekdam adiyal types hain . Meaning : Stubborn)
Area ( Yeh apunkaa Area hain, This is my Locality).
Abe Saale अबे साले (Liste, my friend)
Bhidu भिडु (A very good friend)
Bhardol (In plenty. Usually answered like "Bhardol mein" when asked)
Bhankas (Nuisance. Usage: Bhankas bandh kar! Stop creating a nuisance
Bol Bacchan बोल बच्चन (A talkative person)
Badbad बड़बड़ (non-stop talks, Usage: Chal, aey shaane, jaasti badbad mat kat. Hey Smartie, cut the crap now.)
Boley Toh (I mean to say),
Bevdaa (Drunkard),
Bhaai (don),
Buskya yaar (Oh, Come on!)
BhaaiLog (referring to your group of friends, or group of rogues)
Bumboo Lag gai (Screwed badly)
Badi badi chhd mat - Stop bluffing.
Chamcha (Meaning: a people pleaser, someone who keeps the boss happy. Usage: Woh Lavdoo Boss ka chamcha hain)
Chalu (Smart),
Chappan (Idiot)
Chinaal (Bitch)
Chayyla (Youre angry with yourself, or youve made a fool of yourself somewhere)
Chaava (Handome Guy)
Chaavi छावी (Beautiful girl, girlfriend) Usage: Apunki chaavi hain!
Chidiya चिड़िया (Pager)
Chipku (Sticky person),
Chitku (Sticky person),
Chhakka (eunch),
Chaai-paani (Bribe),
cutting कटिंग - A half cup of tea. Usually served at tea stalls.
Chamaat (Slap)
Chikna चिकना - A fair complexioned guy
Chikni चिकनी - A fair complexioned girl
Chamdi a Womanizer (e.g. : Ekdam chamdi hain. : Meaning: One who is always attracted to females, or thinks about girls all the times)
Chindi - A stingy person.
Churan चूरन - A Lie.
Chhote (small brother)
Dho Daala धो डाला (Bashed up)
Dhakkan (Itiot),
Dabba डब्बा (Police Van)
Daav (e.g: Yeh apunki daav hain. Meaning: another name for "apunkee girlfriend")
Dhaasoo धासू (Excellent)
dabba dalke aata hu डब्बा डालके आता हूँ (I'll return after a visit to the Loo)
Dhinchaak ढिंचेक (Brightly Illuminated, shiny)
Dhaar Marna - Urinating
Ekdum (Absolutely, Totally) Usage: Ekdum Jhakaas! - Totally Awesome
Faltoo (Waste),
Faadu (Awesome, difficult) Usage: Apunka aaj paper ekdum faadu tha. The exams went very well. Depends on the tone and body language associated with its usage.
Fattoo फट्टू (Coward, another word for Darpoak).
Fultoo - Totally (Areh bhai, woh oopar se niche fultoo pakaav item hain. Hey Bro, that guy is a thorough bore from head to toe)
fatt gai (Are you scared)
Ghochoo (Idiot),
Gandoo (Idiot),
Goli de ra hain (He's advising on something)
Gataari (another name for bevdaa),
Gayelaa (Someone who is insane, gone case).,
Ghochoo (Idiot),
Game bajaneka - A bad way of saying to kill someone or having S*X.
Ghungroo Salman घुंघरू सलमान (A person with curly hair)
Ghoda घोड़ा (Gun, Real meaning: a horse)
Gud (Homosexual).
Ghanta (Meaning: Nothing, As if. Real meaning: A Bell). Usage: Apun ko ghanta farak nahi pata. It does not matter me a bit.
Hatelaa, Hateli. (Crackpot - Male/Female).
Hataa - Back off dude.
Hadakna हड़कना (To hog)
Hawa aane de हवा आने दे (Go away, I need some air to breathe)
Hari Patti हरी पत्ती (Money)
Hila daala (Totally shaken)
Hulpatti - Scaring someone.
Idharich इधरिच (Right here)
Item (Babe).
Jaasti (More Usage: Jaasti Bhankas nai karneka kyaa! Dont create more nuisance.
Jholar झोलर (A highly Manipulative person),
Jhakaas (Excellent).
Jhandu (Idiot) Usage: Chal aey Jhandu, patli gali se kat le. Hey you Idiot, just move away quietly.
Kavla (Delicate Usage: Ekdum kavla maal hain. A delicate person
Kalti Marle - Just Leave
Kaltibaaz (referring to a prson who isnt trustworthy)
Khajoor - A stupid person. Literal meaning is Dates.
Keeda कीड़ा (A Pest)
Kaayko - Kaaykoo कायको /कायकू (Why)
Kela (getting fooled, e.g: Saala, apna Kela karke chali gayee),
Kharchaa-paaani (Bribe, a few fist, and limb blows ),
Khopchaa (corner - Usage: Khopche mein le ke doo kyaa kharcha-paani. Do you want a slap ?)
Kholi (room)
Kaccha Limbu कच्चा लिम्बू - A rookie or a noob.
Kavva कौवा (Mobile, Real meaning: a crow)
Khatmal (Bloody Idiot),
Kat Le कट ले (Get out)
Khopdi (Literal Meaning: Skull, Intelligent person).
Khokha खोका (One Crore rupees)
Kali Pili (The Mumbai black and yellow cab)
Khaali Pili (Just like that) Khali Pili, apun ka bheja nai satkaane kyaa! Don't just chew my brains just like that.
Lag gayee (We're sort of screwed now)
Line de rahi hain - Shes showing interest and giving out positive signals to my moves.
Lavdoo (Idiot),
Lafdaa लफड़ा (fight) Usage: Lafda nahin karne ka. लफड़ा नहीं करने का
Langoor (An Idiot)
Lochaa (big problem),
Lochaa Labacha लोचा /लोचा-लबाचा (Big Problem)
Lattoo (head over heals) Usage: Apun uske peeche ekdum lattoo hain bhai.
Load (Tension) Usage: Bhai ko load nahee deneka. Dont stress me out.
Mereko मेरेको (I, Me, Myself)
Machmach मचमच (Argument)
Material. (e.g.: woh ladkee dekhee, ekdam baaiko material hain baap...baiko = wife in Marathi.,
Mariyal (almost dead types).,
Maal (beauty),
Maalgaadi (A car full of girls).
Maandwali मांडवली (Compromise)
Mama मामा (Cop, usually a traffic cop)
Mamu मामू (Making a fool of someone)
Naka (e.g: Naake pe apunkaa public khadaa hain). Meaning : usually a corner on the road, or the end of the road.
Nalla - नल्ला (Fake, Copy, Duplicate)
Oodharich उधरिच (Right over there)
Okaari (one who pukes often after drinking)
Pakka - Confirm isnt it?
Pakaav (Boring. Usage: Chal Bhidu, abhi Pakaa mat).
Pakela (Thoroughly Bored. Usage: Abhi apun fultoo pakelaa hain)
Paandoo पाण्डु (a Cop)
Phoot फूट (Get Lost)
Patli galli se satak le पतली गली से सटक ले (Just go away quietly)
PublicLogue (a group of friends).
Peti पेटी (One Lakh)
Qeeda (Book Worm) Usage: Woh keeda hain, saala exam mein first ich aayagaa.
Raanti (e.g : Saala, ekdum  Raanti types hain. Meaning : rough person.)
Raada (A heated argument, refers to some kind of a physical fight too)
Raapchick (absolutely beautiful),
Raapchaandoos (Mindblowingly beautiful)
Raag (Bluffing, e.g: Woh raag dekar chalaa gayaa : Meaning : Dhamki denaa)
Raagu (a totally fake person, a liar) synonym: Feku.
Saala साला (Idiot, Real Meaning - Wife's brother)
Saali साली (Idiot, Real Meaning - Wife's sister)
Shaana शाणा - A smart fellow
Shaanapanti शाणापन्ति (Acting oversmart)
Shaanpatti शानपट्टी (Acting oversmart)
atkaa (Meaning: Losing temper e.g : Apnaa khopdi satkaa, toh kal ka sooraj nahee dekhegaa),
Sadiyal (meaning : Rotten).
Saltaa de, Sultaa de सुल्टाना (Resolving an issue)
Satak Le सटक ले (Get out)
Sutta सुट्टा - A Cigarette
Samaan सामान (any weapon)
Sumdi mein सुमड़ी में (Secretly or Incognito)
Sumdi mein koomdi (Get your work done without getting noticed)
Setting सेटिंग (An understanding between me and someone, an influence) Usage: Apun ka woh college mein setting hain.
Tereko तेरेको (You)
Thakela थकेला (A usually tired person, bad quality product) Usage: Bhidu, Kya Thakela Maal Chipka Diya. What a low quality product youve given me.
Takloo, Taaliya - A bald person.
Tapkaa (Youre gone, dead. e.g: Tapkaa doongaa),
tapak gaya टपक गया (He's dead)
Tapori (Street guy, hoodlum).
Topi टोपी (Meaning: Making a fool of someone. Usage: Usko topi pehna diya)
Ungli (Meddling in other peoples business, e.g Apne kaam mein ungli nahi karneka).
Ukhaad (Uproot, e.g: Ukhaad ke rakh doongaa).
Vaat.(Difficult situation, e.g. : Vaat lag gayee).
Vat le (Get lost)
Vatakle Idharse (Get lost)
Vernac (A person from a vernacular school/college, medium)
Wohich toh (Meaning: Precisely that)
Waandha (meaning : a small problem)
wantas ki goli le वन्टास की गोली ले (Get Lost)
XCoosMee (Meaning: excuse me)
Yeda (Mad)
Yedi (Mad girl | woman).
Zavadia ([email protected]#ker - Male),
Zavaadi ([email protected]#ker - Female).

Bhidu, Hope you enjoyed reading the street style words of the Mumbai Tapori Language. Only some of Bambaiya Hindi slang are used on a regular basis by most of the city-dwellers. Some of these words are used mostly by hoodlums. This is just an informational post and meant only for enjoyment. So, keep visiting this page. Bambaiya Tapori Words | Mumbai ki Bhasha are added on an almost daily basis.

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