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There are many Mumbai slang words that refer a person as an  Idiot:
Chappan, Chappan tikli, Chapad-ganjoo, Dhakkan, Chirkoot, Ghochoo, Gandoo, Gajkaran, Jhandu, Jhaatoo, Khatmal, Lavdoo, Langoor
Apun, अपुन 
Meaning: I, Me, Myself
Usage: Apun Alibaug se nahee aaya (I am not a fool. Literal meaning, I am not coming from Alibag.)
Actually: Alibag is a beautiful coastal town near Mumbai having beautiful beaches and many hotels and resorts. From 1 star to 5 star ones. Its just unfortunate that this beautiful town's name is used in such a phrase.
Aasmani Kabutar, आसमानी कबूतर - Meaning: Usually referring to someone who stays on the higher floors of a building, or to someone who prefers a balcony seat in a cinema hall.
Aachar daalna, आचार डालने - Meaning: What will you do holding it up so much, without actually anything sensible coming out of it! Usage: Rakh ke achaar dalegi kya?
Adiyal अड़ियल ( e.g. : Ekdam adiyal types hain . Meaning : Stubborn)
Area - Meaning: Usage: Yeh apunkaa Area hain Meaning: This is my Locality.
Aaichya Gaavat, आयच्या गावात - Literal Meaning: Mothers village. Actual Meaning: Sorry guys, can't really translate this one! Usage: Aaichya gaavat ani barachya bhaavat  (said mostly when things are taking a turn downhill)
Abey Saale अबे साले (Hey you ! Usage: Abey Saale, idhar aa.)
Adda - Meaning: a usual meeting place. Usage: Addey pe mil shaam ko
Aaila - Meaning: Oh god !!!
Adbhoot, अद्भुत - Meaning: mind blowing
Andhadhuni, अन्धाधुनि - Meaning: Hitting a cricket ball with a crossed bat, and not with the straight face of the bat. Its almost like hitting the ball blindly, whichever part of the bat comes in contact with the ball.
Bhidu भिडु (friend, Usage: Sun bhidu, sahi jaa-relaai.)
Bawa, Pestonjee, बावा, पेस्टनजी - Meaning: refers to a person of Parsi origin.
Bhardol, भरदोल (In plenty. Usually answered like "Bhardol mein" when asked)
Battery, बैटरी - Meaning: refers to a person with prescription glasses
Bhankas, भनकस (Nuisance. Usage: Bhankas bandh kar! Stop creating a nuisance)
Baal ki dukaan, बाल की दुकान - Meaning: A person with a good to excessive hair growth
Bhaalu, भालू - Meaning: A person with a lof of hair all over his body. Acutal meaning of bhaalu - a bear (e.g.: Black bear)
Bhaar jaana - Meaning to go out, बहार जाना
Bol Bacchan बोल बच्चन (A talkative person, a person who is good in talks only.)
Badbad बड़बड़ (non-stop talks, Usage: Chal, aey shaane, jaasti badbad mat kar. Meaning: Hey Smartie, cut the crap now.)
Baatli, बाटली - Meaning: A drunkard. Actual meaning: A bottle
Boley Toh बोले तोह (I mean to say)Usage: Boley toh, apun yeh area ka bhai hain. Samjhaa kyaa??
Boam nahee maarneka - Meaning: Stop shouting. Usage: Aye Khajoor, idhar boam nahee maarneka.
Bevdaa बेवड़ा (Drunkard),
Bhai, भाई (referred to a don, ganglord) Usage: Yeh area ka Bhai hain.
Bhaigiri, भाईगिरी - Meaning: Its basically an occupation like Handling a locality unlawfully, collecting protection money from street vendors, keeping a tight grip on the people, etc.
Bachkaani, बचकानी - Meaning: Childish Usage: Abey apni bachkaani harkat se baaz aa. Meaning: Group up Man!
Bahadur or Thapa, बहादुर, थापा - Meaning: Watchman. Actual meaning: courageous.
Bus-kyaa, बस क्या (Oh, Come on!)
BhaaiLog भाईलोग (referring to your group of friends, or group of rogues)
Bumboo Lag gai, बम्बू लग गई (Screwed badly)
Bong, Bonglababu, Babumoshai, बोंग, बंगला बाबू, बाबुमोशाय - Meaning: referes to a Bengali speaking person
Badi badi chhod mat, बड़ी बड़ी छोड़ मत - Stop bluffing.
Bhaiya, भैया - Meaning: any person from the North India, especially Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
Boss, बॉस - referes ta a friend,  or sometimes to address an unknow person to ask a postal address
Bhidd gaya  - to take a stand for self or someone. Usage: Bhai, apun, yeh matter mein apun ekdum bhidd gayaa. Tabiyat se !
Chaapter - Meaning: a shrewd or cunning person
Chamcha, चमचा - Meaning: a people pleaser, someone who keeps the boss happy. Usage: Woh Lavdoo Boss ka chamcha hain. Actual meaning: A spoon.
Chapad-ganjoo, चपड़-गंजू - Meaning: An Idiot
Chavvani chhaap - Meaning: referring to a very stingy guy. Derived from the word chavvani, which used to be a twenty-five paise coin, now not used anymore, and is not in circulation.
Chal Hava Aane De, चल हवा आने दे meaning: Move out of my way, in a mild threatening tone.
Chaalu चालू (Smart) Saala, yeh insaan bahut chaalu cheez hain.
Chhappan छप्पन - Meaning: An Idiot
Chhappan tikli, छप्पन टिक्ली - Meaning : a lesser idiot.
Chagan, छगन - Meaning: a person with low intellect
Chavvalis, चाववलिस (the number 44) Meaning: Shatter, broken down into bits and pieces, usually not in a good mood. Usage: Bhai, ladki ne naa bol diya, saala apun ka dil ka total chavvalis ho gaya!
Chinaal छिनाल (Bitch)
Chayyla, चायला (You're angry with yourself, or youve made a fool of yourself somewhere)
Chaava, छावा (Handome Guy)
Chaavi छावी (Beautiful girl, girlfriend) Usage: Apunki chaavi hain!
Charsi, चरसी - Meaning: One who is into substance abuse, a drug addict
Chaai Charsi, चाय चरसी - Meaning: referes to a person addicted to a couple of glasses of tea a day
Chidiya चिड़िया (Pager)
Chipku चिपुकु (Sticky person) - Woh saala bahut chipku hain, jaata heee nahee hain.
Chitku, चितकु (Sticky person) - similar to Chipku
Chhakka, छक्का  - Meaning: An eunch, transgender person.
Chaai-paani, चाय-पानी - Meaning: a Bribe
Cutting कटिंग - A half cup of tea. Usually served at tea stalls.
Chamaat (Slap)
Chikna चिकना - A fair complexioned guy, Handsome guy
Chikni चिकनी - A fair complexioned girl, beautiful girl
Chinki, चिंकी - Meaning: a person with slanted eyes, referes to a Chinese or folks from the North eastern part of India like Meghalaya, Mizoram, Arunanchal Pradesh, etc
Chinese gaadi, चायनीज़ गाड़ी - Meaning: A mobile food stall selling Indian Chinese food. Here the cook is most likely an oriental looking Nepali guy with slanted eyes and works as a watchman. Cooking is his part time job.
Chamdi, चमडी - Meaning a Womanizer (e.g. : Ekdam chamdi hain. : Meaning: One who is always attracted to females, or thinks about girls all the times)
Chindi - A stingy person.
Chirkoot, चिरकूट - Meaning: Idiot
Churan चूरन - A Lie.
Country, desi, कंट्री, देसी - Meaning: referes to cheap liquar, mostly consumed by daily wage labourers
Chhote, छोटे - Meaning: small brother. Usually referred to an underaged, short-heighted waiter in a cheap restaurant
Cut to Cut, कट टू कट - Meaning : straight to the point. Usage: Ekdum cut to cut baat karneka !! Meaning: Just talk straight to the point.
Dho Daala धो डाला Meaning: Bash up someone. Acutal meaning: To wash. Usage: Bhai, woh khajoor ko tabiyat se dho daala. Abhi woh apun ke saath lafda nahee karega. Meaning: Bro, I have bashed him up royally, now he wwill not mess with us.
Dhakkan, धक्कन (Idiot),
Dhating, धटिंग - Meaning: Useless and a waste of time, stop acting too. Usage: Faltoo mein dhating mat kar!
dedh foot or dedh footya, डेढ़ फुट, डेढ़ फूट्या - Meaning: referes to a short person
Dabba डब्बा (Police Van)
Double Battery, डबल बैटरी - Meaning: refers to a person with prescription glasses
Daav, (e.g: Yeh apunki daav hain. Meaning: another name for "apunkee girlfriend")
Dhaasoo धासू (Excellent)
Dhadaa Dhadh - Meaning: In a haste, quickly. Usage: Akhaa building dhada-dhadh gir gaya.
Dhakkan - Meaning: referring someone as an Idiot
dabba dalke aata hu डब्बा डालके आता हूँ (I'll return after a visit to the Loo)
Dhaapnyaa - Meaning: refers to a person with prescription glasses
Dhinchaak ढिंचेक (Brightly Illuminated, shiny)
Dhaar Marna - Urinating
Dimaag ka dahi mat kar, Dimaag Ki Nas Mat Kheech. Meaning: Stop irritating me.
Dimaag ki Maa-behen ek mat kar. Meaning: Stop irritating me.
Dublicate - Meaning dubious, a duplicate, a copy of the original. See nalla
Ekdum (Absolutely, Totally) Usage: Ekdum Jhakaas! - Totally Awesome
Ek Number - Meaning: Hight quality stuff or product, original. Usage: Bhai, apun ka mall ek number ka hain.
Enthu-cutlet - Meaning: A highly enthusiastic person. Usage: Aey enthu cutlet, chal idhar aa.
Faltoo (Waste),
Faadu (Awesome, difficult) Usage: Apunka aaj paper ekdum faadu tha. The exams went very well. Depends on the tone and body language associated with its usage.
Fattoo फट्टू (Coward, another word for Darpoak).
Fultoo - Totally (Areh bhai, woh oopar se niche fultoo pakaav item hain. Hey Bro, that guy is a thorough bore from head to toe)
fatt gai kya? (Are you scared)
Fundaa - Meaning: a basic principle having an underlying something. Usage 1: His fundas in life are quite clear. Usage 2: Jaasti fundey mat de, chup chaap kat le
Ghochoo (Idiot),
Gandoo (Idiot),
Goli de ra hain (He's advising on something. Basically bluffing.)
Gataari (another name for bevdaa),
Gayelaa (Someone who is insane, gone case)
Ground floor - Meaning: A person with a short stature. Usage: Aey ground floor!! Idhaar aa. Meaning: Hey short guy, come here
Gajkaran ( Complete Idiot )
Game bajaneka - A bad way of saying to kill someone or having S*X.
Ghungroo Salman घुंघरू सलमान (A person with curly hair)
Ghoda घोड़ा - Meaning: a Gun. Real meaning: a horse
Gud (Homosexual).
Ghanta (Meaning: Nothing, As if. Real meaning: A Bell). Usage: Apun ko ghanta farak nahi pata. It does not matter me a bit.
Ghoorna, Ghoor ke dekhna - Meaning: Oggling, staring too much. Usage: Kya itna ghoor relai bhai
Gyaan ki dukaan - Meaning: refers to a person who knows a lot about most of the subjects
Hafta - Meaning: Protection money. Usually paid to the thugs on a weekly basis so the shopkeeper can do his business without hiccups.
Hari patti, हरी पत्ती - Meaning: Money>
Hatelaa, Hateli. (Crackpot - Male/Female).
Hataa - Back off dude.
Hajaam - Meaning: a person with low intellect. Actual meaning: a barber.
Hadakna हड़कना (To hog)
Havaa aane de हवा आने दे (Go away, I need some air to breathe)
Havaa Tight - Meaning: In a tight situation. Usage: Ustaad ne apni hawa tight kar di
Hari Patti हरी पत्ती (Money)
Harishchandra ki Aulaad - Meaning: refers to a person who speaks the truth.
Hila daala (Totally shaken, as in I am amazed, astonished)
Half Ticket - Meaning: a person with a short stature. Usage: Aey Half ticket, chal jaldi andar aaja
Hulpatti - Scaring someone.
Idharich इधरिच Meaning: Right here
Item (Babe).
Jaasti (More Usage: Jaasti Bhankas nai karneka kyaa! Dont create more nuisance.
Jhol, झोल - Meaning: Wrong way of doing something. Usage: Jhol kiya kya? Meaning: Did you use some wrong way to settle things?
Jholar झोलर (A highly Manipulative person)
Jhopdi, झोपडी - Meaning: a hut
Jhakaas, झकास - Meaning: Excellent
Jhandu, झंडु Meaning - an Idiot Usage: Chal aey Jhandu, patli gali se kat le. Hey you Idiot, just move away quietly.
Jhaatu - Meaning: Just another word that refers to An idiot. Usage: Chaley Jhaatu, Kalti le sumdi mein.
Kaala Kaandi, काला कांडी - Meaning: to mess up something. Usage: Boss, spun ke karma mein koala kandi mat karna!
Karjat Kasara, कर्जत कसारा - Meaning: referred to a quint person. Acutually they are railway stations in different directions forked from another railway station called Kalyan Junction
Kavla, कव्ला - Meaning: Adolscent, not yet an adult. Usage: Ekdum kavla maal hain.
Kalti Marle, कल्टी मार्ले - Just Leave
Kaatil, कातिल - Meaning: fabulous. Actual meaning: a Killer
Kaiko, काइको - Meaning: Why?
 Karegaiich, करेगा ईच - Meaning: will do. Said by a male
Karegiich - Meaning will do. Sad by a female
Kaltibaaz (referring to a prson who isnt trustworthy)
Khajoor - A stupid person. Literal meaning is a date palm fruit.
Keeda कीड़ा (A person behaving like a Pest)
Kholi - Meaning: Usually referred to a single room where a person stays
Kaayko - Kaaykoo कायको /कायकू (Why)
Kela (getting fooled, e.g: Saala, apna Kela karke chali gayee),
Kharchaa-paaani (Bribe, a few fist and limb blows. Usage: side me leke doo kyaa kharcha paani?? (Threatening tone)
Khopchaa - Meaning: a corner - Usage: Khopche mein le ke doo kyaa kharcha-paani. Do you want a slap ?)
Kholi (room)
Khokha - Meaning: One Crore rupees equivalent to ten million ruopees.
Khopdi - Meaning: refers to a scholar, one who cracks exmas with flying colors. Real Meaning: Skull
Kaccha Limbu कच्चा लिम्बू - A rookie or a noob.
Kavva कौवा (Mobile, Real meaning: a crow)
Khatmal (Bloody Idiot),
Kat Le कट ले (Get out)
Khopdi (Literal Meaning: Skull, Intelligent person).
Khokha खोका (One Crore rupees)
Kali Pili (The Mumbai black and yellow cab)
Khaali Pili (Just like that) Khali Pili, apun ka bheja nai satkaane kyaa! Don't just chew my brains just like that.
Kaat Dalega samjha kya - Will kill you, in a serious threatining tone.
Khallaas - Meaning: Finish off! Usually used in a threatening tone.
Lai bhaari - Meaning: simply Awesome or superb
Le daala - Meaning: I confronted him, bashed him. Usage: Khajoor ko side mein le kar le daala
Lag gayee (We're sort of screwed now)
Line de rahi hain - Shes showing interest and giving out positive signals to my moves.
Lavdoo (Idiot),
Lafdaa लफड़ा (fight) Usage: Lafda nahin karne ka. लफड़ा नहीं करने का
lafander - An idiot who always caauses problems
Lambi Lambi fek mat - Meaning: Stop making up stories
Langoor (An Idiot) Usage: Abey aey Langoor, idhar aa.
Langoor ke mooh mein angoor - Meaning: This phrase is used to refer to a person who gets more than what he deserves. For e.g.: An ugly man having a very good looking girlfriend
Lochaa (big problem)
Lochaa Labacha लोचा /लोचा-लबाचा (Big Problem)
Lattoo (head over heals) Usage: Apun uske peeche ekdum lattoo hain bhai.
Load (Tension) Usage: Bhai ko load nahee deneka. Dont stress me out.
Ludak gaya, Loodak gaya(Died) Usage: Woh parso ludak gaya. He died the day before.
Ludka daalunga, Loodka Daalunga (Threaten to kill) Usage: Tereko ludka daalunga.
Maa behen ek karna - Meaning angry or disturbed state Usage: Dimaag ki Maa behen ek mat kar
Maggu (often referred to a Rote learner, studious guy)
Memory - Meaning: Remembering someone. Usage: Apun ko teri bhot memory aa reli. Meaning: Im remembering and missing you a lot
Mereko मेरेको (I, Me, Myself)
Machmach मचमच (Argument)
Material. (e.g.: woh ladkee dekhee, ekdam baaiko material hain baap...baiko = wife in Marathi.,
Mariyal (almost dead types).,
Maal (beauty)
Maaldaar - Meaning rich. Usage: Bhai, ek maaldaar party haath lagi hain. Meaning: I have a client with deep pockets.
Maalgaadi (A car full of girls).
Maandwali मांडवली (Compromise)
Mama मामा (Cop, usually a traffic cop). Also referred to your maternal uncle
Matter - (Issue, also refers to a fight). Usage: Abey aey, zabaan sambhaal ke bol varna matter ho jaayegaa
Maushi - Meaning: Aunt. p.s.: Never call a female cop a Maushi. She will beat the shit out of you.
Mamu, Maamu मामू (Making a fool of someone)
Madraasi - Meaning: A person who either speaks Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Malyalam, or any other Southern Indian language.
Mooh mein aa gaya - Meaning: Im in a tight situation. Quite stressing actually.
Mia bhai - Meaning: refers to a person of the Islamic faith
Naka (e.g: Naake pe apunkaa public khadaa hain). Meaning : usually a corner on the road, or the end of the road.
Nalla - नल्ला (Fake, Copy, Duplicate)
Nadd jaana - Meaning: To hold your ground, either in an argument or physically, almost in an intimidating pose. Usage: Bhai, apun poora nadd ke baitha, chhoda nai jaraa bhi.
Nading - Meaning: poking your nose somewhere. Usage: Aye, Khajoor! Jaasti nading mat kar, soomdi mein kat le.
Oodharich उधरिच (Right over there)
Okaari (one who pukes often after drinking)
Patel - Actual Meaning: Its a respectable Surname mostly in Gujarati. Literal Meaning: An influential person. Usage: Woh bohot bada Patel hain. Meaning: He is quite influential
Pani Cum - referred to a person who is less witty and not smart. Other usage: pani cum chai - meaning please serve good tea ( tea with more milk and less water.)
Paichaan - Meaning: Having an influence. Usage: Apun ka bhakri paichaan hain, tu fikar mat kar.
Public - Meaning : Friends. Usage: Yeh sab public apun ka hain (All these people are mine, friends or associates)
Pakka - Confirm isnt it?
Parvadable - Meaning: affordable and cheaply priced. Usage: Cinema ki ticket parvadble hain
Pakaav (Boring. Usage: Chal Bhidu, abhi Pakaa mat).
Paapayjee - Meaning: refers to a Sikh
Pakela (Thoroughly Bored. Usage: Abhi apun fultoo pakelaa hain)
Pantarr - Meaning: My close friend
 Pantarr Log - Meaning : close friends
Paandoo, Pandu पाण्डु (Usually referred to a cop, like a Pandu Havaldar)
Phoot फूट (Get Lost)
Paatla - Meaning: follow someone, literally stalking someone. Usage: Uska kal maine paatla kiya aur address mil gaya
Patli galli se satak le पतली गली से सटक ले (Just go away quietly)
PublicLogue (a group of friends).
Peti पेटी - Meaning - One Lakh rupees.
Pesonjee, Bawa - Meaning: referes to a Parsi
Qeeda (Book Worm) Usage: Woh keeda hain, saala exam mein first ich aayagaa.
Quoschan - Meaning: a Quesion
Raanti (e.g : Saala, ekdum  Raanti types hain. Meaning : refers to a person who is rash and rough.)
Raada (A heated argument, refers to some kind of a physical fight too)
Raapchick (absolutely beautiful),
Raapchaandoos (Mindblowingly beautiful)
Raag (Bluffing, e.g: Woh raag dekar chalaa gayaa : Meaning : Dhamki denaa)
Raagpatti - Meaning: Intimidating someone
Raagu (a totally fake person, a liar) synonym: Feku.
Rampaat - Meaning a tight shot, usually a cricket shot. Usage: Kyaa rampaat maara, boley toh ball stadium ke bhaar gayaa.
Raavdi - Meaning: a brash person
Saaman - Meaning: a Weapon
Saand - Meaning: a brash person, quite well built. Actual meaning: A bull
Saala साला (Idiot, Real Meaning - Wife's brother)
Saali साली (Idiot, Real Meaning - Wife's sister)
Shaana शाणा - A smart fellow
Shaanapanti शाणापन्ति (Acting oversmart)
Shaanpatti शानपट्टी (Acting oversmart, showing off)
atkaa (Meaning: Losing temper e.g : Apnaa khopdi satkaa, toh kal ka sooraj nahee dekhegaa),
Sadiyal (meaning : Rotten).
Saltaa de, Sultaa de सुल्टाना (Resolving an issue). If things are resolved  (past tense), then its called "maamla soolat gayaa".
Satak Le सटक ले (Get out)
Setting - Meaning: a connect, an influence. Usage: Bhai, yeh college admission mein kuch setting hain kya? Meaning: Bro, do you have a good connect who can get me an admission in this college?
Sulemaani Keeda - Meaning: a person with properties of a pest
Sutta सुट्टा - A Cigarette
Solid - Meaning: Fantastic, superb
Samaan सामान (any weapon)
Sumdi mein सुमड़ी में (Secretly or Incognito) Sumdi mein vatakle - meaning: Just leave quietly!
Sumdi mein koomdi (Get your work done without getting noticed)
Setting सेटिंग (An understanding between me and someone, an influence) Usage: Apun ka woh college mein setting hain.
Shendi mat laga. Meaning: You thing Im a fool !!!
Talli meaning: drunk. Usage: Yeh salla pee ke talli ho gayaa.
Tereko तेरेको (You)
Thakela थकेला (A usually tired person, bad quality product) Usage: Bhidu, Kya Thakela Maal Chipka Diya. What a low quality product youve given me.
Takloo, Taaliya - A bald person.
Tapkaa (Youre gone, dead. e.g: Tapkaa doongaa)
tapak gaya टपक गया (He's dead)
Taankee - Meaning: A person with a very good capacity for alcohol. Actual Meaning: A tank
Tapri pe mil - Meaning: Meet me at the Tea stall. Tapri means s small shop that sells tea, tobaco, cigarettes, chocolates
Tapori Meaning in english - a Street guy, hoodlum. Sort of a vagabond and a person who is not polished. They have a different lingo, and are considered quite uncivilized in a modern society.
 Tapori meaning in Marathi - टपोरी. Referring to a vagabond .. See above. Wiki link of Tapori here
Tapori Yaar - Meaning: a friend who is street smart, and speaks tapori language
Tapori Style, tapori slang - Meaning: speaking hindi with the bombay hindi street level dialect
Tapori Wishes - Meaning: Wishing someone, or ones ownself in a tapori lingo. Usage: Bhai, ajj apun ka Happy Birthday hain
Tapori pose - Meaning: Standing in a slightly slanted position, playing with a toothpick on the lips
Tapori Clothes, tapori outfit - Meaning: Usually flashy clothes, like a pink pant with a red, or any other colored vest and a handkerchief tied around the nect
Tapori pick up lines - Meaning: Pick up lines used in bombay slang to pick a girl. Usage: Aye, chalti kyaa?? or Aye, Aati kyaa??
Tapori nickname - A mumbai slang word used as a nickname to call someone. E.g.: If someone has a name by Ram, he is usually called "Aye Ramu, chaltaai kyaa?"
Tapori number 1, Avval number ka tapori - Meaning: A person who is quite brash
Time khoti mat kar, Tame khoti mat kar - Meaning: Dont waste time
Temporvary - Meaning: Temporary>/pre>
Topi टोपी (Meaning: Making a fool of someone. Usage: Usko topi pehna diya)
Udharich - Meaning - right there. Usage: Apun tereko udharich milega.
Ungli (Meddling in other peoples business, e.g Apne kaam mein ungli nahi karneka).
Ukhaad - Meaning: Uproot, e.g: Ukhaad ke rakh)
Vaat.(Difficult situation, e.g. : Vaat lag gayee).
Vat le (Get lost)
vaapar dal - Meaning: Use up something
vaapra hua maal - Meaning: a second hand thing. It can be anything- clothes, shoes, or even a boy or a girl
Vatakle Idharse (Get lost)
Vernac, Vernie (A person from a vernacular school/college, medium)
Waat lag gayee (Meaning: Screwed up, Example: Saala bina padhey apun ki exam mein waat lag gayee.)
Wohich toh (Meaning: Precisely that)
Waandha (meaning : a small problem)
wantas ki goli le वन्टास की गोली ले (Get Lost)
XCoosMee (Meaning: excuse me)
Yaar - Meaning: a friend
Yeda (Mad) Usage: Yeda bankar Peda mat khila. Meaning: Dont try to be a smartass by pretending to be naive.
Yedi (Mad girl | woman)
Zavadia (F@#ker - Male),
Zavaadi (F@#ker - Female)
Zabardast - Meaning: Awesome, Splendid, wonderful
Words ending in kela:
Banana = Kela
Single = Akela
Tired = Thakela
Bored = Pakela
Stuck-up = Atkela
Angry = Satkela
Hung-up = Latkela
Lost = Bhatkela
Dead = Tapkela

Some more commonly used slang phrases in Mumbai

chale toh chaand tak warna shaam tak
Aaya to welcome varna dhartikum
Raat ko khamba pur neend mein lamba
Bina ticket ke gaav pahoocha doonga
pehli fursat mein nikal

Bhidu (My friend), This is a collection of Bambaiya Hindi Tapori Bhasha aka. Mumbai Slang, Tapori, street-style words added regularly. Mumbai slang words are not used in daily conversation by everyone, but these typical Mumbai slang words are imbibed in an average Mumbaikar (a Mumbai resident) and used. Reader discretion is advised as some of the content is for people above 18 years of age (More words and phrases are added almost on a daily basis.
Mumbai was earlier known as Bombay. And in the Hindi dialect, Bombay was pronounced as “bambai”. Hence the dialect is known as Bambaiya Hindi. Mumbai belongs to Maharashtra, a predominantly Marathi-speaking region of India. There is a lot of influx into the city from various parts of the country, and this has an influence on their words which are pronounced, and sometimes minced and mixed with other words to form a new word that’s used commonly in the city. Affluent societies restrain from using these words although they understand them very well. It’s mainly a thug lingo.
The audio version of its usage coming soon. Stay Tuned!

Bakchodi (Meaning useless conversation) is not a Mumbai slang word. It is a North Indian slang that making its way in here.

Gulti is a fairly new term and it is not a familiar word used. It usually refers to an Andhraiite, a person from Andhra Pradesh speaking Telegu.

Bhidu, Hope you enjoyed reading the street style words of the Mumbai Tapori (टपोरी) Language words aka mumbai slang language aka bhindi. Only some of Bambaiya Hindi slang are used on a regular basis by most of the city-dwellers. Some of these words are used mostly by hoodlums. This is just an informational post and meant only for enjoyment. So, keep visiting this page. Bambaiya Tapori Words | Mumbai ki Bhasha are added on an almost daily basis.

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Stay tuned for the audio that is coming soon. Each word will be pronounced in audio exactly the way it should be.

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