Mango lassi parfait

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4 cups Greek yogurt (sweetened) with sugar or honey
4 cups Mango lassi (Mango puree + sweetened greek yogurt)
2 cups freshly chopped mango chunks
2 cups Basil seeds or Chia seeds soaked in water
Mint leaves to garnish

Mango lassi parfait


There are no rules for parfrait. You can layer them the way you want. It has to look good and all the ingredients have to be visible when you are serving in a glass. Be sure to chill before serving. Tastes best when it is cold.

  • 15 minutes
  • Serves 2
  • Easy


Parfait is mainly a cold dessert that has layers of ice-cream, fruits, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, brownie bites, cookies or anything you fancy. It is traditionally a French dessert that made with whipped cream, eggs, and fruit. But for vegetarian version I avoid  eggs. Basically the essence of this dessert is about the consistency. It has to be smooth, satiny and creamy.  This mango lassi parfait is so delicious and creamy. The visible layers of this parfait makes it like a visual treat. You can serve this for breakfast, brunch or for desserts alike. I have used mangoes, you can use any  fresh seasonal fruits. Well on this note I am now going to try peachy version soon.



Take 2 tall glasses so that you can have enough space to do the layers or parfrait.
Be sure that your greek yogurt and mango lassi are chilled before serving.


Start with layering the glasses in this order as you all can see in the pictures-
basil seeds (soaked)
fresh mango chunks
Greek yogurt (sweet lassi)
Mango lassi
Fresh mango chunks and finally garnish it with mint leaves

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