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Mini Dessert Pizzas – Topped with dark chocolate and fresh strawberries

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1 packet-Store brought mini pizza base
2 cups-melted dark chocolate
2 cups-fresh hulled and diced strawberries
1/2 cup-icing sugar
2 tbsp-Butter

Mini Dessert Pizzas – Topped with dark chocolate and fresh strawberries


Chocolate is a perfect food, as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power. it is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits.
— Baron Justus von Liebig

  • 30 minutes
  • Serves 2
  • Easy


This quick and bite size desserts is made with two most aphrodisiac food. Combination of dark Chocolate and strawberry is magical and lovely. It can be a perfect treat for your loved ones this Valentine day. Strawberry and chocolate are pairs made in heaven. The lure of this  dessert is never ending in my house. We all love it. It is probably the quickest and simplest dessert you can make. This easy dessert will come to your rescue when you are tied up or have a hectic day or have some impromptu guests at home. It is delicious and can be prepared well in advance also.


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1)Apply butter on both the sides of the mini pizza base and toast it on a pan at a medium to slow heat till both the sides are golden brown and crispy.
2)Remove it from the pan and let it cool at a room temperature.
3)Take a microwave safe bowl and melt the dark chocolate in a microwave for a minute and remove and stir it and micro for another 40 seconds till the chocolate has melted properly.
4)Apply melted dark chocolate on the buttered and crispy pizza base.
5)Arrange the fresh strawberries on the dark chocolate and finally dust some icing sugar and chocolate shavings on it.
6)Keep it in the fridge to chill and serve it cold.



1)Use wheat base bread for a healthier version.

2)You can use milk or white chocolate too instead of dark…I preferred dark one.

3)You can either use fresh or macerated strawberries.

4)You can also top it with colorful edible beads or chocolate chips.

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