Virgin Kiwi Mojito

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3 Ripe Kiwis
2 small Lemons
2 tbsp Simple Syrup
250 ml Club Soda or Sparkling water or water
12-15 Fresh mint sprigs
10-12 Ice Cubes

Virgin Kiwi Mojito

  • Serves 2
  • Easy


This Virgin Kiwi Mojito is a refreshing, non-alcoholic, tangy, minty, and lemony drink. The black seeds of the kiwi add a wonderful bite and crunch to this drink and give a distinct look. Read the recipe and enjoy making this Virgin Kiwi Mojito this Diwali and makes your guest happy.

Green is the color that refreshes and cools me down. This Virgin kiwi mojito will instantly rejuvenate your soul.



Peel and roughly chop 2 kiwis into fine chunks and keep it aside.
Slice the third kiwi into fine and thin slices for garnishing.


Make the simple syrup by boiling 250 grams of sugar in 250 ml of water. Boil till the sugar dissolves in the water. Switch off the flame and let the simple sugar syrup cool down.


How to start preparing Kiwi Mojito:

Take 2 serving glasses and start by adding mint leaves, kiwi pulp and lemon slices. Muddle all this together so that it releases all the flavour, then top it up with simple sugar syrup and club soda.
Fill it with ice cubes and top it up with fresh mint leaves, kiwi and lime slices.
Serve it chilled.

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