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Dark Chocolate Mousse

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125 gm grated dark chocolate (best quality)
½ cup milk
1 tsp gelatin
1/2 cup whipped cream
½ tsp vanilla essence (optional)

Dark Chocolate Mousse

How to make Mousse with Dark Chocolate


Chocolate is the first luxury. This dark chocolate mousse is the luscious treat for the soul.The first bite you dig in makes you feel like in chocolate heaven. There is nothing more enticing and a mood up-lifter then chocolate mousse. Well this is really my idea of having a great dessert.

  • 30 minutes+2 hours in refrigerator to set
  • Serves 4
  • Medium


This eggless dark chocolate mousse recipe is quite simple and can be done in a jiffy. Make it a day ahead and refrigerate it if you are throwing a dinner party.

You can also get your kids involved in the preparations and let them boast about it in front of your guests…Aren’t these happy thoughts!!

The fun is just about to begin. Read my husband’s food critics. It’s worth a read.

The kids were just waiting for the dessert to get set and the moment it was ready, they started relishing it. Once the spoon had done its job, and there was still some left on the inner edges and the bottom, the kids dug in with their fingers. I was presented with the glass that looked brand new. Hurrah! What more of a compliment do I need other than this?

My foodie husband had his eyes and mouth wide open the moment he opened the refrigerator and he had 3 of them in just one go. He skipped his dinner. I should say, he was in a very pleasantly different mood. I guess it was chocolate induced, but he said it was the way I made it, the way it was presented and the deliciousness of this dessert. He’s put in a request for a repeat. He’s an “IT Techie” but a thorough critic and he’s given his verdict about this Mousse. He imitates a Michelin star MasterChef cum food critic in his comments, body language, and posture when they comment on the dishes served to them. I giggle but in my mind because he’s funny but gives a perfect verdict.

  1. The texture of the Mousse was perfectly soft, the spoon just went into the bottom without any effort.
  2. The Mousse did not feel like an ice-cream, and it really was a Mousse indeed. (I said to myself, “Hold it, baby! don’t burst into a laughter on his face”).
  3. It’s luscious, not just delicious. (I could see the change in his mood 😉
  4. I can taste the perfect bitterness of the dark chocolate. It’s perfectly dark and the bitterness could not be any softer than this. A bit darker, and it would’ve been bitterness re-invented. (Babes! I was gently pulling a few strands of my hair right now. I don’t wanna laugh as he was quite serious in his comments.)
  5. As he finished one of the Mousse, he entered the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and took another one. He said he needs to have more to give out more comments. (I meekly said, you can enjoy the Mousse. Need I say more!!)

Chocolate Mousse

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Heat the milk and add the grated chocolate and stir till it melts.
Stir in vanilla essence at this point (if you are using).


How to make Mousse with Dark Chocolate

Let the chocolate mixture chill at room temperature.


Add 1 tbsp. water to set gelatin and heat it in a microwave or double bowl.
Strain and add the dissolved gelatin in it.


Add the whipped cream and blend it with a beater till it gets a smooth consistency.


Pour it into a glass and set in a refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

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