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Cheese and Red bell pepper Stuffed Parathas

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For the dough
2 cups Whole wheat flour
2 tsp Oil
1/2 cup Plain flour for dusting
Salt as per taste
For the stuffing
1 cup Processed cheese
1 Big size Red bell pepper
1 tsp Cumin (jeera) powder
1 tsp Finely chopped green chilies
1 tbsp Ghee for frying parathas
Handful of Finely chopped coriander
Salt to taste

Cheese and Red bell pepper Stuffed Parathas

  • 45 minutes
  • Serves 2
  • Medium


This simple Cheese and Red bell pepper Stuffed parathas tastes great and are mind bendingly delicious. They are not less of any kind of an addiction. This recipe is an amazing variation that is made with processed cheese, red bell peppers, cumin powder and green chilies. It makes for a wholesome and delicious meal that is liked by one and all. Its cheesy, crunchy and when cooked just melts in the mouth. Tastes best when served with Boondi raita along with some pickle.

Cheese as an ingredient is liked by all of us. We all look forward for some kind of cheesy indulgence now and then. For vegetarians like us cheese serves as one of the main sources of protein. I usually give cheese to my kids on a daily basis in some form or the other. Here are some yummy recipe ideas where you can use cheese and feed them to your kids:-

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Cheese and bell pepper makes a wonderful combination and makes for a healthy treat. Make sure you try this recipe and serve it to your kids and family. It also makes for a wonderful lunch box idea. Kids will have a hearty meal and wont even complain about !!

It is a very good recipe for Jain people as it doesn’t not include onion and garlic.



For the dough:-

Take a big bowl and add whole wheat flour, salt, and oil.
Mix well and now add water gradually and knead the dough.
Knead well till your dough becomes soft.
Now cover the dough with a damp cloth and keep it aside for 15 minutes.
Meanwhile, prepare your stuffing or filling.


For the stuffing:-

Take a broad vessel and grate processed cheese in it.
Add finely chopped red bell pepper, finely chopped green chilies,
cumin powder, finely chopped coriander leaves and salt.
Mix all the ingredients very gently with the help of a fork.
Do not over mix as the cheese will become soggy.
Refrigerate the stuffing for 5- 10 minutes.


How to proceed:-

Now pinch lemon sized balls and keep it aside.
Repeat the same process for all the dough.
You should be able to yield 5-6 balls from the dough prepared depending on the size you want.
Remove the stuffing from the refrigerator and start preparing the parathas.


How to make stuffed parathas:-

Take one lemon sized ball and dust some plain flour on it.
Roll it to form a big chapati keeping the center thicker.
Now take 1 tbsp of filling and keep it in the center of the dough.
Bring together all the edges and seal them.
Dust some more plain flour and roll it again very gently so that the filling doesn't come out.
Heat a griddle or Tawa and once its hot add the stuffed paratha on it.
Cook till you see brown spots, flip and cook it on another side as well.
Add ghee or oil and cook on both the sides till they are brown and crispy.
Serve it hot with raita, pickle, and dal.

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