Vegan Pasta

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2 cups Penne pasta
1 medium Onions finely sliced
1 medium Green bell pepper finely sliced
1 mediun Red bell pepper finely sliced
2 tbsp Olive oil
2 tbsp Tomato ketchup
2 tsp Minced garlic
1 tsp Dry Oregano
1 tsp Dry Thyme
handful of Fresh basil leaves
handful of Boiled sweet corns for garnish
handful of Chopped pecan nuts
Salt as per taste

Vegan Pasta

How to make Vegan Pasta

    • 20 minutes
    • Serves 2
    • Easy


    Step-by-step pictorial recipe of vegan pasta, Oh! there you have it. This Vegan pasta is simple, quick, mildly flavoured and can be cooked in 20 minutes. It is one of those meal that we all look to cook for a week night meal. It’s fuss free and can be cooked with the veggies of your choice. Toss onions, bell peppers and garlic in olive oil and add dry oregano, thyme in it. Finally add pastas in it and voila you are done with a quick easy-peasy dinner option. Bookmark this recipe as it’s definately going to be on your dinner table often.

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    Take a deep pan and boil 5 cups water in it. Once the water is boiling add 2 tsp salt and 1 tsp Olive oil in it.
    Now add your penne pasta and let it boil for 12-15 minutes till the pasta is "al dente".
    Switch off the flame and remove the pasta in a strainer. After all the water has come out rinse the pasta with cold water and add 1 tsp olive oil so that the pasta doesn't stick to each other.
    Take a kadai, add olive oil, once it hot add minced garlic in it. Saute till garlic is brown in color.


    Now add finely sliced onions and stir for a minute. Now add finely sliced green and red bell pepper in it. Add salt, oregano, thyme and stir for 3-4 minutes till all the vegetables are tender and cooked well.


    Now add tomato ketchup and mix everything well.
    Now add penne pasta in the cooked vegetables and gently toss it so that the pastas does not break.
    Garnish with some fresh basil leaves, chopped pecan nuts and serve this Vegan Pasta hot with a bowl of soup or crostinis.

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