Auber-gin, a fancy place for all vegetarians

Auber gin is a newly opened place at Breach Candy that serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicious food. Also justifying its name, this place has some best gin tonics from around the world.

We had visited this place on a Sunday lunch and the warm and bright sunlight greeted us with a positive vibe.

The ambiance of Auber-gin

The seating arrangements are nicely made and they have comfortable sofas as well as high chairs. I even liked the decor and interiors of the place with lovely paintings and turquoise coloured theme. The colour combination is very eye-catchy. Moreover, it has an engaging bar with some nice gins flowing and also plays nice music. The service here is nice and warm. All the dishes that we tried here were very delicious and unique in terms of items and preparations.

Beautiful ambiance at Aubergin
Beautiful ambiance








They do not have menu cards, rather an iPad in which you can place the order. Coming to the dishes that we tried here, we had ordered a mix of our favorites and few dishes as per their recommendations.

Pomelo Avocado salad, A wholesome salad with Avocado, pomelo, lettuce, lemon vinaigrette, creamy fennel.

Pomelo Avocado salad at auber-gin
Pomelo Avocado salad

Charred pineapple, an absolute refreshing dish with
Harissa spiced and grilled pineapple, with beetroot spread, burnt garlic cream, and lettuce.  A soothing combination and a well-made dish.

Charred Pineapple Dish
Charred pineapple, with spiced
Harissa and fresh lettuce

Now this place swears by its charcoal dishes and based in recommendations we tried,
Middle eastern charcoal wrap, A meal in itself. Charcoal wraps filled with  Hummus, falafel, pickled roots salad. Oh wow, all the flavors were playing a melody in the mouth.

Auber gin
Middle Eastern Charcoal Rolls

Blue cheese balls
You can try these Appetizers,  Fried corn balls, stuffed with blue cheese, and spicy maple syrup. It was good in taste and will disappear in no time.

Fried corn balls, stuffed with  blue cheese and spi
Fried corn balls, stuffed with  blue cheese 

Spicy cottage cheese pizza,
On their recommendation, we had tried this Harissa cottage cheese, red jalapeños with American corn pizza. It was nicely made but not the best pizzas that I will rave about it.  So take a call on this.

Pizza at Auber Gin
Harissa cottage cheese, red jalapeños with American corn pizza

Spaghetti Aglio olio
Relished this spaghetti with vegetables, olives, garlic, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and shavings of Parmesan cheese. I will say do try this here.

Spaghetti aglio olio
Spaghetti Aglio Olio
Spaghetti aglio olio
Spaghetti aglio olio

Charcoal gnocchi
Charcoal gnocchi well cooked and served with red Bell pepper sauce. Again a charcoal dish that was recommended, and it was indeed good. Gnocchi cooked was so soft and cooked to perfection, that melted in our mouth.

Charcoal Gnocchi
Charcoal Gnocchi

For drinks, I will recommend their gin tonics and my favorite was just peachy.


auber-gin-Gin Tonic
Just Peachy


Auber Gin restobar

They didn’t have desserts on the menu as we had visited it during the first week of it opening so they were still working on it. Honestly, so can’t comment on their desserts.

Overall, a beautiful place with good food and can be visited with friends and families for fine dine feel as well as to chill out.

Do I recommend it-Yes

Food quality-amazing


Drinks-Gin tonics

Cuisine–Italian, Mediterranean and European


Value for money- NA as was hosted by the restaurant.

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