Best Vada Pav at Patil House in Alibaug

Forever a wandering soul in search of good food (talking about Vada Pav here) and great company.

So, my travel experiences say that to know more about a place, local drivers are the best source. Agree or no, it’s the fact as they know the place in-depth and also hidden places to explore for food and sightseeing.
So on my recent girlie trip to Alibaug, we decided to hop on to an Auto rickshaw from Mandva, to reach our resort instead of an Ac car that costed a bomb. (little savings go a long way).
I always have a habit of striking a conversation with the locals as I m eager to explore the local food joints. Who better den Shahid, our Auto rick driver to talk to. So when asked about the best Vada Pav joint in Alibaug, he took us here – Patil House. This is a small joint that’s very famous for Vada Pav, Bhaji, Misal Pav, jalebis and more.

Patil House, street-side shop at Alibaug
Patil House
Fresh Pakoras and vadas are being prepared
Vada Pav Patil-House-Alibaug
Vada Pav with red spicy chutney

We friends had ordered Vada Pav for small binging,  and my foodie soul managed to click all the drool-worthy pics of all the yummy food that was being prepared in front of me. The sight of Vada pav, pakoras, and jalebis in front of me left me salivating for more. The Vada pav was fresh and hot with spicy chutney, and it was so only for Rs 10,/

Well, do expect lots of glares and stares when you do food photography at such a place,( not their fault ), but passion comes before anything else to me.

Jalebi at Patil-House-Alibaug
Crispy Jalebis


So, if you are in Alibaug, do try this street-side stall, Patil House for its tasty dishes.

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