Mother Sparsh

Mother Sparsh, one of India’s leading brands has launched a premium version of their water-based baby wipes. These wipes are the best thing to have for any mother in her handbag. These wipes are the unscented, super thick, medically higher grade that is perfect for mouth and face cleaning as well. We often travel with our kids and tend to eat outside. So, finding a nice hygienic place for washing hands becomes very difficult. Kids have a tendency to touch everything that comes on their way without noticing it or giving it a second thought. So as a mom I am always concerned about cleaning their hands before they eat anything. These Mother Sparsh water-based wipes have been a relief for me. These wipes are water-based, alcohol-free, and non-toxic, so I always make it a point to wipe my kid’s hands with these wipes. It cleans their hand off all the dirt and it’s as good as washing their hands with water. So, trust me traveling out with kids has becomes so easy and convenient as I do not have to bother much about their handwashing routine.


About Mother Sparsh:

Mother Sparsh is an innovative brand created while keeping in mind both wellbeing of a mother and child. These are India’s first environment-friendly and water-based wipes that are made of natural plant-based fiber. With both 98 % and 99 % water-based wipes in its portfolio, Mother Sparsh is recognized as India’s Top brand for wipes. It has got a tremendous and wonderful response for its wipes segment.


Well, let’s get into the details of these wipes. These wipes are specially created for the extra sensitive skin of kids. The best feature of this product is that it’s fragrance-free and has no perfume or scent as this can affect kids’ skin and can lead to many infections. So, this feature has been very thoughtfully taken care of by Mother Sparsh. They have worked hard to deliver a completely safe and natural cleaning solutions. These wipes are water-based and are much better than synthetic wipes. So, there are no chances that my kids’ skin will be spoiled.


How to select the best Baby wipes:

We all moms think to give best to our kids, no matter what, Well here are a few points that need to be kept in mind to select baby wipes. They need to be:

  • Nontoxic
  • Alcohol-free
  • Clinically proven
  • Polyester free baby wipes
  • Breathable and velvet smooth touch
  • Highly absorbent
  • Paraben-free

Review of Mother Sparsh\’s Premium Water Wipes

  1. These wipes are safe and skin-friendly.
  2. They are fragrance-free and unscented water-based wipes
  3. Medical grade fabric is used to make these wipes that are derived from the plant pulp.
  4. 3 times the extra thicker fabric is used as compared to any other baby wipes.
  5. Also used for hands and mouth cleaning also apart from the nappy area,
  6. Natural and 100 % biodegradable baby wipes.
  7. It has moisture lock kids to retain its moisture for a longer time.

I surely believe and am convinced that Mother Sparsh New improved Premium Water Based Wipes is the best answer to all our kids’ hygienic issues. They have given their best effort in coming up with the most amazing wipes. I highly recommend it to all the concerned mothers to must try these wipes and always carry along with them. The packaging is also very nice, handy, and compact. You can buy this newly launched Mother Sparsh wipes here.

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