Oriental Hub by Colossal Kitchens

After a very long time, I decided to order food from outside, and after some good reviews about Oriental Hub by Colossal Kitchens, I decided to order.
The food that I had ordered was
Paneer chilly
Deep-fried paneer tossed with bell. peppers and cooked in spicy sauce. It was spicy and delicious.

Khao Suey
One of the best Khao Suey I have eaten to date. It was fresh, flavourful the curry was extremely creamy and tasty. The accompaniments that go along with Khao suey were neatly packed in mini containers. Overall, a must dish to order from this place.

Oriental Hub by Colossal Kitchens

Triple Schezwan Rice
Again this was a delicious, tempting dish with portion size. A perfect dish to order for those who are craving Chinese food.

Avocado Sushi
Had Sushi after a long time and really relished it. It was good and neatly packed.

Oriental Hub by Colossal Kitchens

Overall, had a fantastic meal from Oriental Hub by Colossal Kitchens with great portions, spill-proof packaging, timely service, and hygienic as well. Full 5-star ratings for food, service, and quality.

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