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Poetry by love and cheesecake, my favourite cafe

Anything if done with pure love surely touches my heart. Poetry, by love and cheesecake, is one such place that has touched my heart and blew my mind. Poetry is apparently a small, cozy and a warm cafe tucked in the by-lanes of charming Kalaghoda. The ambience is just perfect for a cafe where you wanna sit for hours and strike a conversation with your loved ones.
The cafe also caters to someone who wants to enjoy their solitude or grab a book from the shelf and get engrossed for hours.
There are 2 levels with nice seating arrangements, the upper level has low sitting with a cosy feel. We loved seating upstairs where Mr Dev was serving us and was so cheerful and perfect with his job. People like him who can serve so diligently elevates the whole experience of dining.

Poetry by love and cheesecake
Well, It’s a small place but with huge expectation in terms of food and service. The menu is really vast with options ranging from salads, soups, smoothies, smoothie bowls, detox juices, waffles, crepes, burgers, bagel, kinds of pasta, sandwiches, croissants and cheesecakes etc.
They also have a special strawberry menu going on for the season that has many options s. So it’s a place to visit as it will surely satiate all your cravings.
These are the items we tried-
Fresh juices
Essentially Red (my fav)
Immunity booster
Both the drinks were fresh and refreshing.

Poetry by love and cheesecake

Greenlight smoothies bowl
A meal in itself, super healthy, filling and with a heavy dose of iron.

Poetry by love and cheesecake

Avocado Bruschetta
Absolutely loved this one, creamy Avocado topped on multigrain bread and toasted till perfection.

Poetry by love and cheesecake
Beetroot hummus with lavash
Hummus Tasted delicious and was bursting with flavours.

Poetry by love and cheesecake
Strawberry walnut salad
A visual treat, healthy and nutritious seasonal salad. This one can’t be a miss.

Poetry by love and cheesecake
Black bean Quinoa burger
A mammoth black bean quinoa burger that tasted so good and was very delicious.
Diavodo Chipotle Bagel
Spicy and cheesy Bagel that surely have a kick.

Poetry by love and cheesecake

Strawberry cheesecake and
Salted caramel cheesecake

Poetry by love and cheesecake

Overall, had a great experience here and the food was uber delicious.
Server guy Mr Dev and Chefs Pramod and Bala together put up a wonderful show. Will surely visit this place .