Sante Spa Cuisine, a place with a culinary reboot

Sante Spa cuisine is an exceptional place that has kept up to Millenial’s demands of a culinary reboot. This place will blow your mind with their spectacular vegetarian themed dishes by surprising their customers with each and every preparations. I will guarantee you all will fall in love with all the new guilt-free dishes that are served here.
They have designed a unique and wide range of menu that consists of regular, Jain, vegan, and alkaline options. The Ingredients used are fresh and organic with plenty of options for small plates, mains, and desserts.
Sante Spa Sante Spa
The ambiance here is very pleasant and you will be treated with warmth. Starting from the hostess who greeted us with a smile to the servers who are well informed about the dishes, who described the menu to us. The service was very prompt and efficient.
The food here is a classic example of the recipes recreated with keeping the health factor in mind, you will not find any fried dish in the menu and sugar is substituted with jaggery and refined flour with multigrain.
Sante Spa
Sante Spa
The list on the menu was really vast so we asked for the suggestions and
This is what we had tried,
Ibiza style avocado salad, fresh with mild dressing, perfect for our taste buds.
Sante Spa
Sante Spa
Mediterranean style phulka burrito, a nutritious dish with wheat phulka, Bell peppers, zucchini, and was served with tamarind chutney and sour cream, worth trying this out.
Sante Spa
Hummus with toasted mushroom, a tart made with multigrain bread and topped with roasted and smoky mushrooms, had an earthy flavor and must-try for all mushroom lovers.
Sante Spa
We tried Red Thai curry which was served with brown rice, totally delicious and flavourful, highly recommend it here.
To go with our food we had ordered strawberry soy shake and a holistic, a mix of carrots and celery, fresh and rejuvenating, worth trying both.
Finally, we ended our meal with
Salted caramel mud cake and it was made with wheat flour and jaggery tasted so delectable. Highly recommend it here.
So, this place is surely a winner for everyone who wants to experiment, relish, and indulge in guilt-free food.
If you have not visited this, its time to check this place soon.

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