Abhay Season 2, the most awaited Thriller Series on ZEE5

Abhay is a ZEE5 Original Thriller Web Series starring the very talented Kunal Kheemu as the lead role. This series has been inspired by real-life incidents and crime stories. ZEE5 has some really interesting web series that keep the audiences glued to the screen with the genres range from Thriller, Romantic, Drama, Family Oriented, Kid’s Special, and many more. It introduces a new web series from time to time and has been successful in engaging its viewers. Also, it has opened a huge platform for many talented artists who get a wider scope to perform and prove their talents.

So, when we are overall talking about web series, thriller and crime stories are the most challenging ones from an overall perspective. Talking about Season 1 of Abhay which has been very successful and liked by viewers as the best thriller web series of its kind.

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So recently, when I came across the announcement of Season Abhay 2 Web series my curiosity increased and expectations also rose. This season on ZEE5 is now back with a bang and a new set of rules. This time it’s going to score more with Abhay’s own philosophy of justice that will eventually increase the intensity of the play.
After watching the promo of this best thriller Web Series, one thing that I can tell is that this one is definitely not for weak-hearted people as it’s much darker and quiver compared to its previous season. While talking about it, let me just update you with a succinct review.

Brief Review of Abhay Season 1

Abhay is the lead role in the crime series and it’s very brilliantly performed by very witty and a brilliant actor Kunal Kheema. He is playing a special Task Force Officer and a sober Cop who investigates convoluted and gruesome criminal cases. The Corruption and distortion are expressed very well in the series and while you watch, it surely gives you goosebumps. This theme of insanity and gore might look very disturbing to people who watch it.
Abhay with his skillful performance and smart tricks forces or rather convinces witnesses to accept fault and the surprises and shocks keep on increasing with every single episode. He really tries to engross the audience with his not so smiley and brilliant acting skills.

Like the first episode was inspired by the cruelest Pandher Case (2006) supposed to be deadly and cruel. The Businessman and his helper kidnapped children, raped them, and ferociously killed them, cut, and ate them. Here the role of the criminal was performed by Deepak Tijori, who again acted so well and justified the role.
The second episode was influenced by a case that happened in Bhopal where this accused man killed his live-in girlfriend and put the body into a wooden box and converted it into slabs using cement and water. Later he also killed his parents and buried them in the garden. How cruel is that!!
Overall, all the episodes were based on real-life crime series, and the performances were engrossing and spine-tingling.

Peek into Abhay Season 2

Abhay continues with his chase for dangerous criminals with these unique attributes and characteristics. But this time it’s with a deadly twist. He has to deal with a Schizophrenic criminal mastermind, who comes into the picture who bothers and disturbs the entire system. This phycological thriller will give you chills with its intense performances and real-life crime stories.

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Surprise Element in Abhay Season 2

Ram Kapoor a very well-known actor mainly known for his Family soaps has surprised the viewers with stunning acting as a criminal in this series. Ram Kapoor’s astonishing avatar along with terrifying screen presence will leave you stunned for sure. With such ease, he has managed to give that stubborn, flawless, and criminal look. I won’t be surprised if after this gripping performance Ram Kapoor will be recognized as the next Best Villain in the Indian Web Series.
So, stay tuned as Kunal Kheemu and Ram Kapoor together are going to deliver a strong and impactful performance in this thriller series Abhay Season 2 only on ZEE5.

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Abhay Season 2 of ZEE 5 Release Date

Honestly, after seeing the trailer I can’t really wait to watch this series. All the promotions say this season will release soon. But it looks like it will go live sometime in August or September. Nothing official yet, but let’s hope we get to watch it soon.

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