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I have to admit that I have an intense love affair with Mahabaleshwar, hands down.  In summer it kisses me with its cool breeze, in monsoon it lures me with its mystical showers and in winter it embraces me with its chilly wind. It never leaves me disappointed and always brings a huge smile on my face. I can assure you that as much as I love Mahabaleshwar, it loves me back too. Well, enough of romance here… let’s get back to business…shall we??

Let me introduce this place to everyone. Mahabaleshwar is a hill station in the Satara district in Maharashtra. It is located in the Sahyadri range of mountains and popularly known as the summer capital of Mumbai. Mahabaleshwar is a quintessential hill station in Maharashtra and is an ideal weekend getaway from Mumbai. This place has lots to offer to everyone in all the seasons. It\’s scenic beauty and breathtaking climate is what attract most of the people. With an abundance of nature, lots of tourist spots, lakes, and tons of food options to try, this place is surely a winner.

Mahabaleshwar has umpteen number of resorts to stay and experience nature and luxury at the same time. I have been to many resorts in the past and well all of them were nice and comfortable.  But since Club Mahindra has come up with its resort Sherwood resort, it has become my only stay option. Club Mahindra Mahabaleshwar Sherwood has situated amidst the lush greenery landscape and dense forests. It is easily accessible and just a few kilometers away from the main market road. It is a very great option and a perfect place to spend your weekend with your family and friends. The lobby and the waiting room at the entrance of the resort has a classy ambiance and aesthetic vibes. It is spacious and has comfortable couches to sit, wait, or even browse and play games on your mobiles. Why play games or browse?? As the wi fi connection is easily accessible through this lobby. Happy – aren’t you!


Here are the top 5 reasons to visit Club Mahindra Mahabaleshwar Sherwood1) Swimming pools

The resort is huge and there are many activities and the signboards that guide you to different places. You can walk around the beautiful resort at leisure, soak in the stunning view, or enjoy a cup of tea at the sunset point overlooking the beautiful scenery. You can also take a dip in the swimming pool or just laze by the poolside flipping your favorite magazines and sipping on mojito.



2) Accommodation

While visiting any resort or holiday, accommodation and rooms play a vital role as the whole experience of your vacation is based on the comfort and luxury of your stay. While with Club Mahindra you are always spoiled by choices. There is a different class of rooms as per your membership and you are entitled to select room according to it.  But nevertheless, there are options wherein you can negotiate for a particular room if you want to experience their grandeur and luxury. Chef Aditya who gave us the tour of the entire property showed us one of their best luxury room which is allocated to the privileged members of Club Mahindra.  This West View room is situated a little far off from the main gate of the resort and involves a little bit of walking, but worth it once you reach the room. It is a 1 bedroom apartment which has all the modern amenities and also has a jacuzzi bathtub and a shower area with a view. Now, this surely rings the bell!! There is a magnificent view of the green landscape and hills from the balcony where you can soak up the sun in the morning and enjoy the view in the evening. The guests are welcomed with fresh fruits and some goodies that are specially made by Chef Aditya. Overall this room with a view is something I really crave for making my holiday special. I am surely going to visit this resort again very soon for experiencing all of this.





We were in a food haven when we first saw the sight of the elaborate and scrumptious buffet at the Saddle Back restaurant. This restaurant is located at a higher level which offers amazing views of its lush green.  The dining area is spacious with leather sofas and colorful glasses that give a vibrant look. The buffet spread was absolutely delightful in all its means. It had so many varieties of dishes from their special Birne Pickles to soups, salads, starters, mains, and desserts. There were enough options for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. This is the best part of Club Mahindra when it comes to food they pamper you with so many options and uber delicious food. They also have an A-la-carte menu,  that also features local delicacies, as well as fresh and authentic dishes. Chef Aditya was delighted to serve us some authentic Maharashtrian dishes that he cooked specially for all of us. He made Thalipeeth, Baingan raita (one of a kind), pitlu and bhakri. These authentic Maharashtrian dishes made our experience a notch higher and the warmth and hospitality shown were indeed memorable. Food and Beverage Manager Mr. Vivek Kumar was nice, humble, and interacted with us and explained to us a few dishes that were new to us. The way they all treated me and my family was remarkable and will always be memorable. The staff members were also on their toes to offer their services and served us hot rotis, parathas, and naans. They catered to all our food needs and gave an excellent service.

cub-mahindra-sherwood-mahabaleshwar cub-mahindra-sherwood-mahabaleshwar cub-mahindra-sherwood-mahabaleshwar



4) Activity Area: 

The Activity area is the most sought out feature of any Club Mahindra resorts. They arrange some nice events at regular intervals, plan a creative and interesting activity for kids, conducts cooking sessions with the chefs, dance sessions with the experts, game sessions, and not to forget housie games for everyone in the house. They always see to it their members are entertained, occupied and neer get bored.  Karaoke sessions are also held to hone your singing skills or probably just to screech and yell on top of your voice. Who cares as long as one is having fun!!


5) Free Zone

Free Zone is a total chilled out place to sit and play indoor games. You can play as many games for as many hours you want and just chase away the boredom. Games like carrom boards, Jenga, ludo, snakes and ladder, and many more games are there where you can bond with your kids and play with them. The whole concept is to be with your family, interact with other families, and acquaint with new people. The experience gained and shared is something that you will cherish for your life time-that\’s a promise!!! Well here are my top 5 reasons to visit Club Mahindra Sherwood- Mahabaleshwar. The experience of staying here will only bring you smiles and you will take back home lots of memories, experiences along with some stunning family pictures.


This wonderful hospitality at Club Mahindra Sherwood would not have been possible without Tishya Relia and Mr. Dipankar, so I am totally grateful to them.

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