Dinner at Darikhana, Jag Mandir Palace, Udaipur

Darikhana is an opulent and a fine dining restaurant at Jag Mandir palace, nestled on Lake Pichola, Udaipur.

Reaching Jag Mandir Palace is an experience in itself and you need to book your dinner prior to visiting here. The entry to this beautiful place is from one of the City Palace gates.

When you say at the entry that you want to visit Darikhana, Jag Mandir Palace they will guide you to the appropriate counter. At the counter of City Palace, you need to pay  Rs 3,200 as cover charges for 2 people to dine at Darikhana. You cannot visit this place without paying these charges here.  A boat ride will take you to Jag Mandir palace inside which Darikhana is located.

Jag Mandir Palace

Dining at Darikhana, Lake Pichola was on my bucket list for 2 years.  Finally, that moment had arrived on my visit to Udaipur.  I wanted to feel the beauty of dining here. It felt grand when we were amidst the beautiful Lake Pichola, surrounded by the magnifying beauty of  Jag Mandir Palace.

After our mesmerizing boat ride, we reached here by 7 pm. Our eyes were stunned looking at the beauty of this Palace. So after admiring the Palace for 30 minutes we finally headed to the restaurant where our table was booked at 7.30 pm.

The feel of the place was very grand with nice set up and chandeliers. The staff members were humble and courteous.

After going through the menu we had ordered penne risotto, a couple of mocktails that were refreshing, and A salad with pear and pine nuts.

Along with all these they had served us some complimentary freshly baked bread that was so soft and delicious. They source fresh bread from a bakery near City Palace.  The food tasted so delicious and all the ingredients used were fresh and if the best quality.

Bread-Rolls-Darikhana Mocktails-Darikhana Pesto-Pasta-Darikhana View-Lake-Pichola Risotto-Darikhana Salad-Darikhana Dinner-spread-Darikhana

Overall, the experience here was worth it. Thought it was a little pricy but once in a while I love to experience such grandeur place. I will recommend this place for everyone visiting Udaipur.


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