Oye Kake, a must place to visit for pure vegetarian

Oye Kake is an authentic and vibrant place that’s is situated in the busy lanes of Fort. It’s a nice place to sit and have a delicious meal. The ambience is vibrant with minimal decor focusing mainly on the food. The staff guys are extremely nice and helpful. The service is also prompt and nice.

Dishes we had ordered.
Papadi paneer cheese shots
Very beautifully presented in shot glasses and tasted so good. The sesame seeds coating on the top of the Papadi gave the perfect flavour and crunch.

Tandoori mushroom cheese melts
Best ever tandoor mushrooms that I have eaten. The cheese had melted perfectly leaving the perfect texture and it was a one-bite appetiser. The crunch of the mushroom and the gooeyness of cheese was such a delight. Highly recommend it here.

Mirch Lasooni paneer tikka
This one was lip-smacking, perfect flavours and marination. Paneer was very soft and tasty. It was very spicy as the name justifies. So if you can’t handle spice, please avoid.

Dahi ke kababs
One of the best Dahi kababs I have eaten here. The perfect crunch from outside and melt in the mouth.
Highly recommend it here.

Oye Kake

Cheese garlic kulcha
This reminded me of the narrow lanes of Amritsar, it was that good.
Methi tandoori Paratha
One of the best Methi tandoor Parathas I have eaten here. Cooked to perfection and generous use of Methi in it made it even better.

Best flavours of Chole I have eaten here.

Dal makhani
Well and slow-cooked Dal Makhani that tasted so good with a dollop of Makhan. One can’t stop eating here.

Veg khasiyat
One of their signature dishes that was half red and half green with spinach and paneer combo. Tasted very good and one must order it here.

Oye Kake

Dry fruit lassi
Thick, luscious and fresh loaded with dry fruits.
Masala Lassi
Nice refreshing and with subtle spices. Balances so well with the meal.
Mango lassi
One of my favourite mango lassi here, thick and creamy with mango chunks.

Oye Kake

Nice and thick Kesar Phirni with flavours from the kulhad, must try.

Gulab Jamun
A perfect way to end the scrumptious meal.

Overall a great place to dine and taste the deli pus dishes that are served in Punjab. The Chef also hails from there and hence you get to taste the authentic flavours here. Highly recommend this place.

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