Khyber, reminiscing the legacy of Mughal Era

Legendary, renowned, Exquisite, Incredible, and mythical is what I define Khyber.

Mughals, one of the powerful dynasties has left us with so many rich cultures and heritage. Even today we recall all the stories that were being told to us about the royalty and richness of the Mughal Era.

Mughals were always considered to be the connoisseurs of rich, earthy, and aromatic food. Mughlai cuisine has marked itself as a sign of royal and lavish meals. With decades this cuisine had made its way to many countries. Khyber is one such place that exemplifies this cuisine and how !!

Khyber serves authentic cuisine that brings back memories of the food that was for the rich and royals.

About Khyber –

The ambiance is classic and glorious with every corner notable. The theme at Khyber is outstanding and romantic with brickwork, oil lanterns, and beautiful carvings. The feel is totally rustic and you instantly get transported to the Mughal Era. The illustrations of murals depicting the royalty of Mughal time elevate your visual senses. They have expanded this place so much and there is plenty of seating arrangements for couples, families, corporates and big group of people. The service here was great and Mr. Dilip who served us was very polite and gentle with his talks. The servers were also very attentive and were constantly on their toes to serve us.
Khyber serves authentic and delicious Northwest frontier cuisine for 5-6 decades and lives up to its name and fame.

KhyberComing to the food that we relished here-
Reshmi Paneer tikkas
Hands down one of the best paneer I have eaten till date. Paneer cubes were marinated in yogurt and spices and grilled till tender and succulent. This is mildly spiced compared to the classic paneer tikkas. A must try paneer dish here for all the vegetarians.

Tandoori Aloo
Baby potatoes marinated in Khyber classic and spicy red paste were grilled nicely and were very flavourful. Relished this with the green chutney that they serve.

Makai Tikki
Crunchy, delicious fried makai Tikki that tasted yummy.

Paneer Makhan Wala
Paneer cubes cooked in red gravy and cream. The taste was excellent and the consistency of gravy was just perfect. Paired so well with my 5-grain tandoori roti.

Lasooni palak
Palak subzi was just perfect in taste and consistency and with a generous Tadka of garlic. Tasted very good.

Kashmiri Dum aloo
Baby potatoes cooked in a rich creamy sauce and topped with fruits. A perfect rich Kashmiri dish that was very mild and perfect for those who can’t handle spicy gravies.

Maa ki daal
This was one of the most ambrosial dals I have eaten to date. Slow-cooked lentils with a perfect blend of spices, butter, and cream make this dal luscious and creamy. You can not stop devouring this.

Bread tokri

5-grain roti
Lacha Paratha
Butter roti
Butter naan
Masala papad


Ras Malai
My weakness is ras Malai, and I had to order it here. The white dumplings were soft, spongy, and just perfect, not too sweet. It was served with sweetened chilled milk topped with pistachios nuts. It was delectable and so good.

Paan Kulfi
This is a nice variant to our regular kulfi and the flavors of paan were nicely blended. The kulfi was creamy and yummy. You must try it out here.


Virgin colada
Orchid queen
Watermelon cooler

All the Mocktails were very refreshing and were a breeze.

Overall my experience here was amazing and flawless.


My verdict
Food- 5/5
Ambiance- 5/5
Dessert- 5/5
Drinks (non-alcoholic)- 4/5
Hospitality- 4.5/5

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