Say Hola to Toro Churros!!

Say Hola to Toro Churros!!
From the land of Spain, Tapas and football come to another specialty called Churros.  Young entrepreneurs and sisters, Miti Jain and Somi Jain brings you this Spanish delicacy, all the way from New Zealand. Toro Churro offers a range of 100% vegetarian, delicious and decadent Churros that you can binge on.

Toro Churro is a churrofic place located in a very prime area, Chowpatty. This place is a paradise for all desserts lovers and everyone with sweet tooth cravings.

It’s a cute and cozy place with limited seating arrangements. The hygiene levels were good and the staff guys were very friendly.

They mainly specialize in Churros of all. Kinds, types, shapes, and sizes. From sweet to savory they have everything for your taste buds. They also serve Langos, Hungarian flatbreads with different toppings and sauces. So in case, you don’t want to have sweet Churros you can opt for these Langos.

Coming to the items that we tried here in savory Churros We tried 3 options


Jalapeno and cheese


All these Churros were freshly made in front of us and served with sauces. I really enjoyed savory Churros and my favorite was one with Chipotle sauce.

Langos Hungarian flatbread that ate fried and topped with different toppings. We tried 2 options

Margherita Salsa spread topped with cheese and baked. It tasted good.

Peppy paneer This was my favorite and it tasted really good, must try for all the paneer lovers.

Coming to the shakes that we tried here were:-

Popcorn milkshake, this one tasted OK, it lacked the taste of popcorn and was not cold enough.

Oreo and cream milkshake that tasted really creamy and the taste was good.

The bubblegum shake was good if you like the flavor, I personally avoid.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows:-

Hot and creamy chocolate milk topped with marshmallow tasted so good and was worth having it.



Coming to the most sinful part, dessert Churros.
The Rocky milk
Churros with milk chocolate and chocolate chips.
Cookies and cream
Churros with white chocolate and Oreos
Taxi Maxi
Churros with dark chocolate and caramel.

My favorite one was
I love Churros
Freshly made 2 heart-shaped Churros laced with melted chocolate and Choco chips. It was very delectable and irresistible.

So guys, if you are want to savor Churros, do visit this place and fulfill all your cravings, as it is easy on your pockets as well.

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