Where to Have the Best Ice Cream in Hongkong, Review of Emack and Bolio

When you are in Hongkong you have to visit Emack and Bolio, an award-winning ice cream chain that was originally started in Boston. The tag line of Emack and Bolio is ice cream and yogurt that rocks. This ice cream parlor is very well known for its delicious ice creams, smoothies, milkshakes. Also, these ice creams are vegetarian, with no artificial flavors and prepared from organic milk. Premium ingredients are used to prepare these ice creams and what steals the show is the colorful, and decorative ice cream cones.

Review of Emack and Bolio Ice Cream in Hong Kong

Emack and Bolio have the most instagrammable friendly cones that are worth taking pictures and going gaga about. If you happen to be a social media person like me and are following this page you will know what I am talking about.

Review of Emack and Bolio Ice Cream in Hong Kong


This chain of ice cream took birth in Boston, USA, and was opened in 1975  by Bob Rook a music lawyer. This ice cream parlor was a hangout place for all the musicians.

So we happened to visit this ice cream parlor that is located in Central, Hongkong after our scrumptious meal at the Veggie House. This parlor is nicely designed with colorful graffiti walls and a few tables where you can sit and relish their ice creams and shakes. The counters display all sorts of waffle cones with fruit loops, marshmallows, chocolates with rainbow sprinkles, that was so visually appealing and attractive.

Review of Emack and Bolio Ice Cream in Hong Kong, toasted marshmallow cones

Now to try their flamboyant flavors and combinations you don’t have to think about calories and diet. If you ask me you are not legally allowed to be on a diet if you are traveling and are a foodie like me. What’s the fun after all when you cant savor something that is so famous about that place.

Emack and Bolio-2

We were totally excited to try out their funky waffle cones along with their delectable scoops of ice cream as my sister who lives there was already raving about it since my visit to Hongkong.   While at the counter I was already salivating looking at all the options that were inviting me to pick them up. There are more than 24 varieties of ice creams to select from and at least 8-10 varieties of waffle cones.  Of course, when you know the fact that they use organic milk you don’t feel guilty to indulge.  So after looking at all the options, we settled down with some flavors and also ordered vanilla milkshake for my little one. Btw, this vanilla milkshake was one of the best and my younger one really relished it till the last sip and refused to share with me. It was creamy, chilled and with every sip, she just fell in love with it.

For ice creams, this is what we had ordered after a lot of brainstorming. Waffle cone with mini colorful marshmallows with a scoop of cookie monster for my niece who loves this combination. The cone was so pretty and colorful to look at and looking at my little one relishing, it gave me a different level of happiness.


Emack and Bolio-4

I had ordered a waffle cone with chocolate and rainbow sprinkles and topped with caramel moose prints ice cream scoop. It was so creamy and an absolute delight to look at. Both the ones that we had tried were absolutely delicious.

They also serve options like Vegan, frozen yogurt base, sorbet, and frozen confections. So you will find good options for everyone.

Emack and Bolio-6

Overall, Emack and Bolio ice creams are worth the hype and you have to try it. It is a little expensive but considering the quality, brand, and location, it is totally worth going.

Pin this for your future, you will need this when you plan a trip to Hongkong.

Emack and Bolio-5

We had visited the shop in Central and here is the address,

Address: 26 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong

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