The Casino, My game, My rules, a new Webseries on ZEE5

With the increase in competition, creating online content and grabbing customers’ attention has become very taxing.  Whilst we are seeing the boom in digital and online content creation, the options are also increasing. Today, everyone is addicted to social media and every other online content platform.  We are so glued to these series and why not?

Web series offers you the flexibility of timings as you can watch it at your own convenient time. It also gives you the comfort of watching it on your smartphone and also during travel to kill the boredom.

Well, if you ask me, I am not a person who spends a lot of time on Television and watches soaps on a regular base. But now with the evolvement of online content available at our fingertips which promises such intriguing stories and plots, the user engagement has increased tremendously.

I enjoy watching web series these days and  ZEE5 has one of the best online content. They have a wide spectrum of genres from romance, thriller, real-life stories, fiction, cultures and much more.

I came across a teaser of the web series called The Casino “The Casino, My games, My rules”, Excited by the name, and the star cast, I was excited to watch it. It was a short yet power-packed trailer about an interesting plot revolving around the owner of the Casino, his mistress, and son in a triangle. Looking forward to the release of this new series.

Sensational Star casts

The Casino,  features TV hunk, heartthrob, and one of my favorite actors, Karan Veer Bohra a who is apparently making his first web series debut. The series also stars Mandana Karimi, Kya kool hai hum fame, and Andrita Ray in crucial roles along with Sudhanshu Pandey.

Here are the characters that are played by these Actors:-


  • Mandana Karimi as Rehana
  • Aindrita Ray as Camilla
  • Sudhanshu Pande as Mr. Marwah
  • Karanvir Bohra as Vicky Marwah
Image Source ZEE5

The plot of The Casino, My games, my rules

ZEE5 new series The Casino, My game, My rules, is about a billion-dollar casino that is directed and produced by Hardik Gajjar. The story is about this dangerous game and a casino that is owned by an affluent Mr. Marwah. It weaves around this upper-class and snobbish Marwah family mainly between the father and the son. The tiff between them is what makes the center stage. Vicky, who plays the main character is heir to this billion-dollar casino and is emotionally deceived by his father’s mistress Rehana. The sensational Rehana lures Vicky and acts her best to dupe him. Vicky has to find a way to take the claim of his inheritance and charge of the billion-dollar casino before Rehana tries to destroy him completely.  The way they have portrayed the plot in this teaser with such powerful performances,  acting, screenplay surely intrigued me.

Image Source ZEE5

Flashy and colorful start

This teaser will take you to the flashy, vibrant and posh route which already sets up the standards. The stunning entry of Mr. Marwah coming out of his posh car and narrating this dialogue “Yeh Mera Casino Hain and I am the King” was very impressive.

I sensed excitement and exhilaration as the trailer began.  The main focal character, Vicky’s first appearance in the pool with Rehana was aesthetically appealing.  As the trailer moves, the battle to win the casino becomes very prominent.  The rich, modest, charming and handsome Vicky gets deceived and cheated and, in this process, we get to see his many shades. Dialogues are spoken and delivered in the perfect tone, elan, and style. It connects with the audience and shows the dynamic behavior of the characters.

After watching the trailer, I surely felt that these star casts ensure to entertain us and get us hooked up on our screen.

The Casino Zee5

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