What on earth are you doing, book review

What on earth are you doing?? By- Abhinav, @yourbreakthroughlife

who is a success and happiness coach and a speaker whose purpose in life is to “inspire people to live a life full of love, courage, and freedom.” This book is his way of spreading the message that it is indeed possible to live a life full of purpose, passion, and joy.
OK, for me to live a life without passion is like having a lock without the key.
This is exactly what I asked myself before picking up this book and after reading I am convinced that I am living my dream. I am aware of myself and the things that I love to do personally and professionally.  Since I am aware of my passion, I set into more powerful laws of attraction.
But eventually, if you do not act upon it it is of no use. Winners do not just dream and wish, they follow up on their dreams by taking massive action each day.

So reading  this book will help you understand  about everything that you want in life with this simple 3 step formula
Attraction and
This method has been proven to be foolproof across History, and it will undoubtedly enable you to live your highest potential.
Its time to unleash the Hero within you.
Well, do I recommend this book, Yes and positively it will change the way you think.


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