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Namak meaning “Salt” manifests the essence of every cuisine. Without Namak you just cannot create a harmony and balance of taste. So Namak is one such fine dining restaurant situated in the magnificent Sahar Star Hotel, which is an epitome of luxury and opulence. You need to visit this restaurant to experience the grandeur they have to offer.

Sahara Star

The moment you enter into this restaurant you can sense the essence of our Indian culture. The whole ambiance showcases their authenticity and classicism. This restaurant serves finger licking and delicious North Indian and Awadhi food.
The moment we entered here, the staff guided us to our table and made us comfortable with extremely courteous gesture. They gave a brief about the restaurant and the cuisine they serve.
Upon suggestions we ordered the following items:
Shammi being the all-time favorite kebab of the Awadhi Nawabs, finding its place at Namak in a masterly done vegetarian version.
Shammi is a special dish of Nawabs. In ancient times, it was mainly made up of minced meat and was kneaded so well that the Shammi just melts in the mouth, so that Nawabs didn’t have to take any effort to chew it. The same concept is used herein Namak and the Chefs have mastered it by giving it a vegetarian version. Chenna or Paneer is kneaded so softly and mixed with spinach (Palak), spices and filled with a small layer of cream cheese. It was then pan roasted with desi ghee till it turned golden brown and crispy. It was a marvel dish with a perfect harmony of texture and spices. Every bite taken was a sensation that created a sense of Awadhi vibes.
Paneer still persists in its original and traditional style at Namak, we present its marinated in pickling spices and stuffed with onion, mint, Malai cheese and glazed in tandoor.
These tandoori Malai paneer rolls were robustly flavored and they served it with sliced onions. It was a dish delicious and a must order.
Char-grilled kebab of young green beans and cottage cheese, with a dominant flavor of mustard.
The signature dish of Namak depicts the smoothness and tells about how well the spices are blended into a very simple mouthwatering dish.
This Subzi was very well made with perfect blend Of spices and flavors incorporating mixed vegetables. A must try dish here.
Spinach tempered with roasted garlic, cumin and ginger, flavored with dill leaves.
This saag was a winner for me. This dish was surely meticulously made and nurtured that it blended its own signature flavors to it. The consistency, flavors, and aromas were bang on.
Black Urad Lentils with fenugreek, tomato, and home churned butter.
This was one of the best slow cooked dal makhani cooked with makhani and spiced with fenugreek. It surely blended a distinctive flavor and aroma. A must try dal if you are here.

Sahara Star
We had ordered Kulchas, saffron laccha parathas, and ajwain laccha parathas. Kulchas and ajwain laccha parathas paired well with saag and dal makhani. Zaffron Laccha parathas were good to taste on its own.
Vegetable biryani cooked with mint, yogurt, and saffron.
This biryani was well cooked with mixed vegetables marinated in yogurt and was lending a wonderful aroma from saffron and mint. All the grains of this biryani were long and flavorful.
Vegetable raita: A thick yogurt-based raita with mixed vegetables. Was good and paired well with biryani.
This was a cooler with chamomile tea, pineapple juice mixed with honey. It was an absolute soothing drink.
I loved this mocktail. It was sweet, refreshing, floral with hibiscus, watermelon and fresh lime topped with ice cubes. A must try drink here.

Sahara Star
This was again a refreshing cooler with black tea, apple juice infused with fresh herb-rosemary. This cooler was not very sweet, had distinctive aroma and flavor, something that will linger on forever. Highly recommend this here.
This creamy cranberry colada with pineapple and coconut cream was just perfect in taste and very nice.

Sahara Star
The best and creamy Malai Kulfi I have ever eaten till date.
One of the most delicious gulab jamuns I have ever eaten in my life. The gulab jamun was soft like a cotton ball and it just melted in my mouth. Want to have this again and again.A special mention of the welcome drink and the assorted chutney box that was served, it added zing to our meals.

Sahara Star
Overall a stupendous experience here at NAMAK.5/5 for food, ambiance, hospitality, and service.Wonderful service was given by Mr. Harsh Soni and Restaurant Manager Mr. Ilavarasan showed amazing hospitality.
I will surely come back here again.

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