The Enchanting Beauty of White Rann (White Dessert) – Kutch (Part 1)

White Rann (White Desert) is located in Kutch, India’s largest district, and is located in the western state of Gujarat. White Rann is a seasonal salt marsh that glows like crystals. In the rainy season, the region is covered in water, and during winter, the water evaporates leaving a salty crust. The water dries up by end of December. So if you are going there before then you are most likely to get mucky.

The magnificence and pageantry view of White Rann (White Desert) left me awe-inspiring. The mystical white carpet, seamless horizon, and indistinguishable sky make for a stunning view and an enthralling experience.

It seemed as if I were in a different world with some infinite skyline and emptiness all around me. The silence and the feeling of embracing emptiness were totally priceless.

White Rann of Kutch in Bhuj, Kutch White Rann, white sand

Rann of Kutch, beautiful view of white sand in Kutch, Gujarat.

It’s one of those prodigious place on this earth where the sun sets and the moon rises at the same time and makes it feel like no less than a fantasy. Walking on those crystals of salt endlessly and capturing the view until you can stretch your eyes is one of the phenomenal experiences I have had.


I started dreaming about the White Rann /Salt desert since I saw the ads by Mr. Amitabh Bachhan. Since then I have kept planning this place and added to my bucket list and wanted to witness this white beauty. Finally, a week ago my wish came true. This entire ROAD trip to Kutch was planned in an impromptu way and we clubbed it with our Religious trip.

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close up photo of me with white sands at Rann of kutch on a full moon day. how to spend time at Rann of Kutch

It was the second day of our trip and we reached Hodko village at around 2.30 pm after a 6 hours drive from Jasdan- a place where we had our religious visit.  We had booked a 2-night stay at “Royal Home Stay”  that is exactly 18 km away from Rann.  We had a delicious though spicy lunch at our Hotel and went to our Hut that’s called a “Bhoonga” (muddy houses of Kutch) to freshen up.

White sand, rann of kutch dessert in Kutch, Gujarat, India

It was December first week and the desert is supposed to be cold this time of the year so we all had to carry a light jacket and a shawl for the evening. Now as per the suggestions from our friends the best time to visit Rann was from 4 pm till  8.00 pm. We reached Rann at around 5.30 pm and the sight that we encountered was simply thrilling, there were lots of enthusiastic people around, camels carts and camel dressed up like a bride and few horse carts as well. In the barren land stretched till your eyes can see the vision there was nothing but white space covered with salt, that looked like snow.

white rann of Kutch in Gujarat, mesmerising view of white sands

white salt pan, rann of kutch. close up view of salt crystlas at White Rann

What all you need to carry inside the Rann of Kutch

What all you need to carry inside the White Rann:

  • Carry a light jacket, shawl, and a cap as it will be cold.
  • Please carry enough water and small packets of biscuits or wafers especially if you have kids along with you as nothing is available in the desert.
  • Keep sipping on water as it may leave you dehydrated later.
  • Carry an extra pair of socks for kids, firstly as it will be cold and secondly if they accidentally happen to bump into quicksand.
  • Carry your cameras, tripods, chargers, battery backups, and all the gadgets you may think of as you can’t miss capturing the beauty of this Rann.

What to do at White Rann:

  • Sit down on the crystals of salt and gaze at the setting sun, ogle at the rising moon and stare at the star-filled sky.
  • Just relax and feel the beauty of the Rann as if time has stood still for hours and there is no one around.
  • Finally, click lots and lots of pictures to take back memories at home.
What to do at White Rann, Camel ride at White Rann of Kutch
Posing in the White Desert as the Moon rises in the background.

What to expect at Rann Utsav –

The Rann Utsav is celebrated in the district of Kutch that is immensely rich in culture and heritage. 

The Rann festival starts in November and goes on until February month.

All types of local handicrafts are exhibited, Kutch folk songs and dances are performed and an array of staple delicatessen are on offer.

There is a host of activities and this place has lots to offer during the Rann festival – right from horse riding to camel safari, hot air balloon rides to bird-watching. 

The area is also a sanctuary for the endangered Indian wild ass and the numerous species of birds that come migrating in the winter like flamingos and cranes.

Also known as Tent city there are over 400 tents available with different facilities and budgets to suit your pocket.

You will find folk singers engaged in singing and performing. They also help tourists to click pictures with the pagri, turban, and traditional Kutchi outfits.

Points to remember before visiting Rann:

You need to take a permit before you enter the Rann at a place called Bhirandiyara.

You’ll spot the check post on your right just before you take the left turn for Dhordo.

Getting the permit is mandatory but a hassle-free process and includes filling up a form, showing your ID proof, and paying Rs. 100 per person entry fee.  This may take some time depending on the crowd and queue. If you are lucky it will be done in no time.
Please don’t throw the entry slip as you will need to submit it to the BSF check post right before you enter the White Desert.
After entering from the BSF post you need to park your vehicle at the parking lot and then either walkthrough or opt for a camel or a horse ride to reach the main point of the dessert.

Last but not the least, be a responsible tourist or a traveler and do not spoil the beauty of the place. Have you been to Rann of Kutch before? What are your experiences? Do drop me an email at  if you have any queries.

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  1. Wow! That place is really unique. It’s the first time for me to see awhite desert. It reminds me of Boracay island with its Kilometer long white sand beach. Thanks so much for sharings.

  2. I have been wanting to be go to the Runn festival for a long time now. But for the last 2 years it couldn’t happen. I hope it happens soon. Your pictures are lovely. Thanks for the tips on what to carry, will really help

    • I am so happy you like the pics and found this post useful Neha. Do plan a trip there soon and share your story whenever you happen to go:)

  3. lovely article, made me go back to my time out there , though i stayed only few hours at the Rann festival owing to the commercialization of the event , spent more of my time in the Rann itself

  4. I have been seeing a lot of ads from the Rann Festival. It is one of the bucket list items to be able to be in a salt desert with infinite views. Its interesting you mention about Hodka. I first heard about it in 2009 through an incredible india campaign on mud houses. I’d love to go and be able to spend a week here.

  5. So much to see and experience! The white stretch is indeed mesmerizing. Thanks for the tip on timing to visit it. I plan to do a lot of kutch work shopping there.

  6. A salt desert, how beautiful and interesting. I went to a saltern before and I remember being impressed by it, but White Rann looks much more beautiful. No wonder it’s on people’s bucket list, and speaking of, I will put it on my bucketlist too.

  7. I didn’t know that Rann had snow looks so mesmerising.I wanted to attend the Rann Utsav on my solo trip this vacation but I could not.It was a bit expensive and travel was too strenuous that’s why


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