The Doors of Kutch – Kutch (Part 2)

Kutch an artisan place is known for its luxuriant, culture, history, and heritage.

When you are in Kutch you get enamored by the beauty, colors, art, and architecture of this place. It creates a sense of attainment and you easily feel bewitched even by the basic structures around you.

While walking deeply through the narrow and dusty lanes of Nirona village in Kutch district I came across so many dramatic, vibrant and antique forms of Doors. They were all unornamented yet they had tremendous beauty and architecture in them that allured me.

Myriads of colors, the vibes place, and the History of the place engaged me and my soul. It seemed like every door had a vast chronicle of Kutch legacy,  and the more I saw these colors the more I was attracted to it. It felt like I was having a conversation with them and they had sagas to share and stories to narrate.

The vivid and striking colors of doors in Kutch simply captivated my heart and soul. People who know me exactly knows how much color intrigues me.

Thes Doors of Kutch strikes a chord with my heart directly. Just love the bougainvilleas that bloom all around and makes it such a pretty sight.

Doors of Kutch

Doors of Kutch

Doors of Kutch

Doors of Kutch

As an enthusiast traveler, a blogger and a photographer every street, every nook and corner of Kutch villages, their doors their architecture spoke to me.

And these phones are a great source of inspiration to capture the spirit of any destination. All the pictures are clicked on my iPhone while strolling deep into the Nirona village on a sunny afternoon, please do no use these photos without my prior permission or any credits given.

Doors of Kutch Doors of Kutch Doors of KutchHave you been to this Nirona village before, If not does it excite you to go there. Do these doors fascinate you as much as it did to me?

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