Rann of Kutch – A photo story – Kutch (Part 3)

Rann of Kutch | White Rann on the first visit mesmerized me and I could not get enough of it.

The vast white expanse of a salt, blazing sunset and the moonlit sky left me with many fantasies that I indulged in.

It felt like I was falling in love with White Rann and that feeling left me craving for more.

Well, everything happens for a reason, and I am so glad I decided to give a visit the next morning.  I smiled at my good fortune of being there and it somehow felt much better.

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The first look in the morning made my visit worth it. A comforting warmth exuded from the bright daylight and the White dessert (Rann) seemed even more beautiful with different shades of White. The vast and never-ending white and flat landscape seemed like something out of this world. I totally enjoyed the view and got a chance to do some photography in the bright daylight, which otherwise missed the previous evening.

Camels dressed up as brides
The road leading to the White Rann
Camel Cart waiting for a ride to the White Rann
Finally, we found our Camel cart!!

Now either you can walk up till the tower, or you can ride on a camel or prefer camel carts or horse carts. The previous evening I walked it up till the tower as the weather was very nice and cold.

But during the day time since it was too sunny, walking up till the tower is not advisable. So Camel cart seemed to be the right option and there were many camels and camel carts waiting to be called. These camel carts wait in a queue and you can not take pick up any other rides. So You have no choice here unless you get lucky. To ride in a camel cart they charge Rs 100/- per person to and fro, but these charges can be bargained. They are tuff nuts and they have a union too, but its always better to give it a try especially if you are in a big group.

It’s also advisable to carry a stole, glares, caps, hats, and water bottles, if you are visiting Rann during day time as it’s very sunny and the whiteness, may blind you. If you are lucky you may find a man selling Ice candies in the Rann. There are no other stalls or eateries available near the Rann.

So always go prepared and especially if you have kids with you carry enough water and snacks.




Paghdis (Turbans), jackets, and dupattas (a long scarf-like cloth).
A local named Mr. Manubhai playing an instrument called Mor Chang

Since  Rann Utsav is going on till February 2018,  don’t wait, pack your bags and plan a road trip to Rann of Kutch.

(More on Road trip in the upcoming posts).

So well rejuvenate yourself, embrace tranquility, and get set to discover the beauty of Rann of Kutch.

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