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Our website,,  is now also a progressive web app and can be installed on your phone just like a native app. The advantage here is that it will not occupy much disk space nor consume much phone/tab memory like any other full-fledged app.

You can install it on iPhones, iPads, Mac, Windows 10 as well as on Android.

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to install the website on your Apple Phones,  (iOS),  iPads, Android Tabs, Windows 10, and Mac OS.

Installing on Apple (iOS) devices

1. On your iPhone or iPad open any page of our website in the Safari browser. Next, click on the Share icon encircled in the image below.

PWA-Step-6 progressive web app



2. Find the icon of “Add to home screen” (encircled in yellow) in the image below and click on it.

PWA-iPhone-Step-2 install website on phone progressive web app


3. In some iPhones, iPads, you may have to scroll a bit down to get the “Add to home screen” (encircled in red below) icon.

PWA-Step-4 install website on phone


4. Enter a name for the app (as per your wish) and click on the “Add to Home Screen”. In some phones, it may be at the top depending on your version of the iOS.



5. Our website progressive app will be installed on your iPhone or iPad screen just like a native app.



Installing on Android devices

For Android-based devices, open any page of our website in the Chrome browser. You may see a banner popup at the bottom of your mobile screen. In some phones, you may not see the banner popup.

If you do not see the popup, then tap the menu button which is the three-dotted button on the top-right corner of your mobile. Then tap “Add to Home screen”.

PWA-Android-1 progressive web app



Next, tap on Add as shown encircled in yellow below.

PWA-Android-3 install website on phone


Follow the instructions to install where you may be prompted by Chrome to enter a name for the app.

PWA-Android-4 progressive web app


Once done, the app will be seen on your android phone screen just like a native app.

Progressive Web App technology allows users to use a website like an app, without actually installing the app. It is browser-based, hence does not consume any disk space, memory nor your phone battery.

We wish our readers a happy and unique experience using this app.


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