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Photo-essay of Tibetan Market @ Baga stretch in GOA

I love Goa…but I love shopping more!!

One of my favorite things to do at any place is shopping.

On my recent girlie trip to Goa (which was a blast in a total sense), we happened to visit this Tibetan market at the Baga stretch. We girls were game for it and spent at least an hour just ogling at those beautiful kinds of stuff. Just could not stop admiring them, to be honest being a food blogger I was smitten by those Turquoise plates, bowls, tea kettles, and all that fancy, colorful, antiques, and unique kinds of stuff. It was so overwhelmed looking at that stuff that I gave jewelry a miss!! Can you believe that??

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Tibetan Market

Tibetan market

But I absolutely loved gazing and admiring them. I so wanted to buy those tea kettle home but found it overly priced. Yes!! all the stuff were exorbitantly priced, while some of the sellers were willing to bargain a bit. But honestly got so confused that I ended up clicking more pictures and not shopping. Sigh!! but I am sure of buying it on my next visit.