TYGR at Palladium, tantalising place for Thai food


TYGR is the new name for tantalizing Thai food, located at the plushy Palladium mall.
This place is everything you name it classy, elegant, chic, and posh. The interiors are done very beautifully and it immediately attracts your aesthetic sense. The lights are perfect to set cozy and romantic vibes for the dinner. I will surely term this place as an ideal way to be with your near and dear ones.
The staff guys are very gentle and warm and will welcome you with a broad smile. The service is exceptionally good leaving no scope for any complaints.
We tried amazing Signature cocktails here that was mind-blowing and oh so potent !!
The presentation of all the drinks served was a visual treat to the eyes.

The food here was sumptuous and lip-smacking. Each and every dish was remarkably good, and a lot of creativity is involved in designing them. Yes, this is because all the dishes were presented not just beautifully but had its own elan to it. Be it the combination of flavors, play with textures, or selecting the crockeries. Everything was swanky, elegant, and opulent.
The desserts were unique and delectable.
The dessert Tab Tim Krob was a winner for me and it kinda transported me to Thailand, that good.

The menu is vast and they have Jain options as well, however it’s famous for its seafood.
The dishes that I drooled on were,
Avocado Carpaccio,
Pomelo Salad,
Tempura Cakes,
Rice flour dumplings,
Crispy Lotus Stem,
Thai curry and Pad Thai noodles.

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