Manuhaar at Sahar Star, a perfect Traditional fare

When it comes to hospitality, no one can beat Sahara Star, a name that needs no introduction.
Recently visited their newly opened restaurant Manuhaar that is a perfect melange of Rajasthani and Gujarat delicacies served in a single thali. The whole thali is inspired by the culture and heritage of these 2 states. The royalty and opulence is reflected as soon as you enter this restaurant. The ambience is created with beautiful wall paintings that depict the mixed culture of Gujarat and Rajasthan along with folk music playing in the background. The vintage brass handicrafts are displayed as decor that gives you a feel of some ancient fort. To add to the richness the food is served in brass vessels that surely makes you feel like as if you are dining in some palace.

Manuhaar at Sahara Star

The staff guys are very courteous, kind, cheerful and exactly know their job well. Harsh who was serving us was very friendly and knowledgeable and showed us amazing hospitality. Really Sahara Star keeps up to its name and service. We were also informed that all the chefs are from Rajasthan and Gujarat. So you can expect the best dishes from both the worlds. Also, the menu changes every day and most of the dishes served are different except for the few ones like paneer subzi and gatteki subzi.  But also the paneer is cooked in different gravies at different times.

Let’s get to the food
As per what we were told they serve a total of 26 dishes starting from rose sharbat that was so cooling and refreshing.
It followed by the most awesome salty Buttermilk, let me tell you I have had the best buttermilk here.

As per the tradition followed in most of the places in Rajasthan and Gujarat, here too the meal had started with a sweet, that is usually a gesture to convey that hope your experience will be as sweet with us. They had served us Ghewar that is a traditional Rajasthani sweet. Our expectations had already built up with this sweet and delicious ghewar.

The thali looked royal and delicious and we were ready to explore the gourmet delicacies of both the world.
Aso the array of chutneys and pickles that were placed on the table looked so presentable.
The most authentic dish that I was waiting to have was Dal Baati Churma and trust me my wait was worth it. They had cooked some lip-smacking dal along with ghee laden baati and the most delectable churma. I totally relished this combination as I am extremely fond of it. To be honest I have had the best churma here that was loaded with ghee, dry fruits, and Kesar strands. It was indeed very rich and heavy.
For starters, they had served
Dahi Wadas, Patras and Bhajiyas that were too good and tasty.

Manuhaar at Sahara StarFor Mains:
Paneer Subzi, Undhiyoo, Gatter ki sabzi, Dahiwali bhindi, Papad mong sabzi, Dal and kadhi.
All the dishes were full of flavours and were authentically made.

For bread:
Phulka roti, puris, and Jowar rotla, all of these paired well with the subzis

Rice varieties
Plain steamed rice and khichdi. Both these preparations were served piping hot and paired well with kadhi and papads. Relished it to the core.
Finally followed by Malpua that were so delicious.
The thali is unlimited and they serve with you open hearts till you are content.

Manuhaar at Sahara Star


Overall, a phenomenal experience to dine here, it was no less than being treated like a queen, you will come back home with a heavy stomach but your heart will always crave for more.

One must surely visit this place for the warmth, hospitality, royalty and an array of Gourmet dishes. Full marks for food, ambience, and service.

Manuhaar at Sahara Star

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