BKC got Foo-ed with its newest outlet

BKC got Foo-ed, this is the latest restaurant that has opened at BKC.
Foo means fortune in Chinese and Tapas means small plates in Spanish. They serve all the modern Asian dishes like Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Cantonese, and more. The ambiance here is very pretty with beautiful Christmas decor and pink Chinese flowers as they believe that Flowers convey positive vibes. The overall seating arrangement is very comfortable catering to small as well as big groups. They also have outdoor seating which opens up only for dinner. The hospitality here is top-notch and the staff guys are very warm, polite, and cheerful. They know their job well, the menu, and guided us well keeping in mind our taste buds. Mr. Akash and Chris were looking after us and they were very helpful and cordial.

The food served here is extremely delicious, lip-smacking, and tempting. They use fresh ingredients that elevate the dish to another level.
List of the items we had here,


Foo Super Salad

Healthy, nutritious, and exotic.

Asian Burrata,
One of the best Burrata I have eaten to date.


Foo Yam Bean Sushi
Shisoto charcoal Tempura
Best Sushis I have had till now. Highly recommend trying their Sushis here.

Taco Lotus
One of the best dishes I liked, spicy. Tangy and crispy, do order this.

Crispy Lotus root
This was a good, deep-fried crispy Lotus.


Truffle fried rice
Snow peas, asparagus in olive oil. Both the dishes paired very well and we’re yum.


Mrs. Robinson
Capital Cosmo
Both the cocktails were potent and unique.


Napolean chocolate

Sweet, decadent, and chocolaty. A perfect end to our meal here.

Overall, a wonderful place to relish Asian food with modern decor and great vibes. Highly recommend this place. Full score for food, hospitality, and ambiance.

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