Drinkery 51, a place to sip and chill at BKC

Drinkery 51 as the name says and we all assume it ought to be a great place to drink and catch up. It is located in BKC exactly opposite Trident. It’s a very lively place and always has some or the other happening nights.
My husband and I had visited it on Thursday nite and as expected the place was buzzing.
Drinkery 51 has beautiful decor and a modern and chic set up. It is divided into 2 sections in which one section can be given for private parties. On weekends the DJ plays Bollywood music and this place becomes rocking.
We had gone here for dinner and lights were dim and cozy.
The music played was peppy and to our surprise, they also had a live singer who was amazing and made our evening beautiful. The service was good and the staff guys were nice.
Coming to the drinks  and food
Turn me on – LIIT
This was very strong, hard, and potent, perfect for my husband.

Drinkery 51

I had ordered for
Fenny fantastic
Vodka + fennel +amaritto
Such a perfect drink for me, just the way I like it.
Fennel has been known over the years to induce joy and I am superstitious too, this is what they have to say and I will agree with it.
Fraises sorbet
A combination of Strawberry plus pineapple juice served in a Martini glass and tasted sweet and refreshing.
Cointreau island
This was a visual treat and a very beautifully presented drink. A mix of Orange and cranberry juice plus bartenders Secret.
Drinkery 51
Beetroot and goat cheeseburger and arugula
 This was a delicious burger with Beetroot and goat cheese party served in a brioche bun with added arugula. It as served with French fries and tomato ketchup.
Drinkery 51
Cheese chili cigars preserved lemon aioli
Cheese chili rolls fried to perfection served with preserved lemon aioli. Tasted crispy, delicious, and was my favorite.

Drinkery 51

Caprese ki Chaat
Take on the classic Italian appetizer converting it into a Chaa, D 51 special chutney, and sweet yogurt. This is what they had to say, but I did not like it.
Firstly, the Puris were stale and secondly, the yogurt was too thick to dig into the bottom, and while doing so many flavors were lost.
Spinach  and ricotta ravioli in tomato cream sauce
This was as good, Homemade creamy spinach and cheese ricotta ravioli tossed in tomato cream sauce.
Veg Biryani
The flavors were amazing and I loved this Biryani which was served with raita. Just perfect for the evening, the portion was also very huge.
Hazelnut chocolate mousse
This was the best mousse dessert that I have eaten in a long time. Was delicious and yummy.
Drinkery 51
Cheesecake, it was just not what I had expected, just didn’t taste good. So please do not order it here.
Overall a great place to drink and be merry, tap your feet to the lovely music, and chill out with friends.

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