Worlds largest Dim Sum menu exclusively at Pa Pa Ya

Happiness is when you receive an invite from Pa Pa Ya to experience their new menu. Pa Pa Ya has recently introduced the world’s largest  Dim Sum menu in town that consists of 68 variants. This new menu is surely a treat for vegetarians and well as non-vegetarians to tantalize the taste buds.

Like who would have imagined so many varieties in Dim Sums. The Chef has surely done wonders here and has created sumptuous and lip-smacking versions to suit everybody’s palate. We were spoiled with many options and being a vegetarian, I was even more excited to try out different versions. We had visited the one at Palladium. Friday evening and the place was already buzzing with the crowd. The interiors here are very bright with a nice combination of raspberry and white colors. The vibes here were very nice. The staff guys were welcoming, cheerful, and courteous. They are extremely polite and exactly know how to treat their customers.

I was becoming curious to taste different vegetarian dim sums and was already salivating by now.  We were served with all the vegetarian one by one so that we could savor the taste and flavor of each one.

Noting down the names and descriptions of the ones that we had and also. Relished each one of it. It’s actually very difficult to pick one favorite but will try to figure out as I write about it.

Crystal potato and wheat start dumplings, with asparagus and corn stuffing.

Shao Mai, open-faced dumplings with assorted vegetables.

Open-faced Baos, Edamame, and Chickpea with lettuce and dip.

Wontons, assorted veg steamed and served with chili and black vinegar.

Jiaozi, pan-seared dumplings with roasted aubergine and Demerara.

Baos, Steamed fermented with truffle and mushrooms

Xiao Long bao, soupy dim sums with assorted vegs.

Cheung Fun, rice paper rolls served with crispy veg and seasoned soy sauce.

Lo Mai Gai, classic lotus leaf wrapped with assorted veg and glutinous rice dumplings.

Glutinous Rice, assorted veg rice coated dumplings steamed in own stock.

Jotting down a few cocktails that paired perfectly with these dim sums.  Trust me the drinks here were a treat for all the thirsty souls.

Shiitake Happensi, Delicious combination of tequila, agave nectar, fresh rosemary, citrus, a dash of truffle oil and shiitake mushroom. Now tell me, where have you had something like this before??

I highly recommend this one as it tastes so unique and its potent enough to give you a kick.

Japanese Old Fashioned, gorgeous red color legendary old-fashioned Japanese drink with Campari.
A small sip at a time is Solid enough to slosh you down.

Mochi ice cream, Japanese ice cream, 4 different flavors of ice creams presented so beautifully. Raspberry banana, mango basil, caramel chocolate, and chocolate vanilla. It was a treat to our eyes and was so delectable.

Overall this was one of the most memorable meals and I highly recommend everyone to try this out.

My verdict
Food- 5/5
Drinks- 5/5
Dessert- 4.5/5
Ambiance- 5/5
Service- 5/5

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