Soam, let the authenticity succumb into your senses

Having born in a Gujarati family, a trip to a restaurant that serves authentic native cuisine is always a treat. The familiarity with the cuisine, flavours and ingredients used holds no surprises yet makes the meal a memorable one.

While visiting Soam I geared up for some serious indulgence without giving a second look at the decor or expecting any music to be played. Only focus and intention was food here. However, the place is nice, bright and you are welcome with warmth. This eatery is always bustling and packed and mind you because of its locality and proximity to Iskon temple you will find a lot of foreigners dining here with pride. The restaurant doesn’t make any prior reservations and it’s first to come first basis. So if you are planning for dinner here, I would advise you to reach here by 7.00 pm.

Coming to the menu, they have quite an overwhelming and elaborate menu that sticks to the authentic theme and taste of Gujarat. But not being very rigid with the plan, they also have few fusion dishes, staples like Dosas, pav bhaji etc that has been incorporated in a very unique way keeping the health quotient and also different taste buds in mind. They have not used any refined flour for any pieces of bread, rather have tried using bajra, jowar and nachni. The menu is interesting to read, and also if you are not aware of the local. GUJJU DISHES YOU MAY NEED THE HELP OF THE STAFF GUY TO EXPLAIN IT TO YOU.

Moreover, this place is a winner for all those who always look out for pure vegetarian places to dine. During fasting, (rather feasting, oops… Kidding), we can only eat dishes that are allowed during fasting, like Sabudana, Amaranth flour, potatoes, etc. So the point here is they have delicious and unique varieties of fasting food for all the divine souls.

These are some dishes that we had tried here,

1) Panki, this is a very famous Gujarati dish that is prepared in a unique way. The batter is steamed in between banana leaves and served as you can see in this pic. You need to roll the thin pancake from the leaves as and when you are having it so it remains hot. This dish is very interesting, flavourful and served along with green chutney and chilli pickle. Do try this if you haven’t already.


2) Sev puri, this Mumbai street food chat is almost loved by everyone. It’s a. Combination of sweet, spice and crunch different flavours and textures play a nice melody in your mouth. This was good, however not the best.


3) Dal Dhokli, This is again a Gujarati staple that is made for brunch over the weekends in many homes. It’s very comforting and a one-pot meal. It’s like an Indian ravioli. This pairs well with kachumber and papad as shown in the picture. Do try this here.


4) Kand pattice (purple Yam pattice), this is basically eaten during fasting. The outer layer is made with boiled and smashed Yam and it’s stuffed with a sweet, sour and coconut filling and later deep-fried in oil. Goes well with the green chutney and tastes best when eaten hot. This was a decent option for those who are fasting.


5) Jowar pita pockets, this dish was an absolute winner and favourite. What a brilliant fusion of combining flavours of Gujarati and Lebanese cuisine. The bread is made with jowar flour and the falafel with green peas along with garlic chutney and salad strips mixed in Mayonnaise. It’s tasted so delicious with perfect crunch and flavours.


6) Turya patra nu shaak with biscuit bhakri, This mini-meal is one of the amazing combinations that taste very good. You need to try this if you haven’t tried it. A unique preparation that tastes sweet, sour and spicy.


7) Nachni uttapam with corn and capsicum, this is a very healthy variant of uttapam prepared using nachni, ragi.flour and served with coconut chutney. Amazing option for all health-conscious people.


8) Kand, Purple Yam chila, this is a unique variant and option during fasting. It tasted good not that delicious though.


9) Cheese Dosa, this is always a safe bet. Crisp Dosa topped with cheese kids will surely love this one.


After having all the lip-smacking meal, we could have almost called it a night, but this foodie soul won’t give up without indulging in mithai. We relished hot mohantal slathered with desi ghee to end up our meal. Oh boy, it like a joyful, overindulgent and a homely kinda meal that was devoured by all of us.

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