Churails – ZEE5 revives Zindagi Channel with its first Web Series

Churails is a ZEE5 Exclusive Zindagi Original web series showcasing burka-clad women who disintegrate patriarchy and accept no non-sense. The group of 4 women is on fire and learns to fight for justice in their own way.

Churails meaning witches, that surely raise eyebrows in the society is a new Pakistani web series. Certainly, this Karachi-based web series has created a buzz and awareness in society. The story mainly signifies courage and the strength of women who are fierce and determined. Moreover, this is a women-centric series hosting 10 power packed episodes that will surely enlighten and entertain you.

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Main Plot of Churails

Mainly, #MainChurailHoon revolves around four women who apparently form a secret detective agency in the name of the fashion store named ‘Halal Designs’. Moreover, the purpose of this store is to find and expose unfaithful so-called elite husbands. Mainly, the whole plot of Churails focuses on taking revenge on the men who have made their lives miserable.

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 4 Main Characters of #MainChurailHoon

Churails cast: Sarwat Gilani, Nimra Bucha, Meher Bano, Yasra Rizvi
Churails director: Asim Abbasi

These 4 women run the detective agency in the disguise name ” Halal Designs” that solely aims at catching philandering husbands.

Know the core group of women that plays stunning roles in Churails:

Sara (Sarwat Gilani)- a trophy wife,

Zubaida (Meher Bano)- A burka-clad boxer,

Jugnu (Yasra Rizvi) -a single rich woman, and

Batul (Nimra Bucha)- a murder convict

ZEE5 web series Churails
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Let’s know the facts of these 4 main characters

Sara, married with kids, a rich and an affluent woman whose life seems perfect but she always wants more.

Jugnu, a high-profile event manager who is rich, single, and happy.

Batul, a middle-aged women murderer who has been released and set free spent twenty years in Jail.

Finally, Zubaida, a young boxer who is independent and loves to flirt with her boyfriend.

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Story and screenplay

This dramatic show keeps you glued throughout. It surely promises an engaging watch right from the beginning till the end. These rebellions women are doing a great job with their acting skills and performances.

Firstly talking about why these superwomen are wearing burqas in the series ?? for the fact that they have decided on their own to flaunt it as their armor. They drape these burqas like superheroes while they are on their mission. It also helped them to hide their identities.

However. the cinematography, background scores, and the music are eclectic and amazing, few being inspired by Bollywood movies. The dialogues are bold and delivered effortlessly in perfect tone and elan. Many intriguing dialogues in Churails, spoken in sweetest Urdu cadence, are soothing. It connects well with the audiences and shows the fierce power and grit.

Director Asim Abbasi’s Churails series worth watching

Asim Abbasi, web series names Churail has already created a wave and people are loving this series. Many topics like racism, elitism, and classicism are highlighted in this series. He has also talked about the most sensitive and bold topic of same-sex love. His experiments with the topics are real and universal. To sum it up, Churails is a dramatic show that promises to keep their audiences engaged. It’s definitely a show worth watching.

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