ZEE5 Introducing Special Streaming Service for Kids in this Lockdown

ZEE5 has recently introduced the most needed streaming service allocated to children to keep them entertained during this #lockdown2020.  The content will be a mix of original and licensed series keeping in mind the preferences of children. Titled as  ZEE5 Kids.

This service will stream nearly 4000 hours of free content. Isn’t that a great idea and an amazing way to keep our kids entertained during this pandemic, where all the options we have is to stay at home. Apart from doing many other activities like reading, painting, baking, playing, kids also look forward to the quality screen time. Now with so many options available on ZEE5 kids can select whatever they want to watch. Parents can guide them and help them select from a wide range of genres.

Let’s discuss the list of Content genres from where the kids can select what they want to
watch, catering to all the age groups, irrespective of if it’s a girl or a boy. There is content for everyone.

  • Top animated shows like Cinderella, Ganesha, Krishna Makhan chor, etc
  •  Classic kids movies like The three musketeers, Robinhood, etc.
  •  Mythological movies like Ramayana, Mahabharat, etc
  •  Superhero action movies like Chota Hatim and seven monsters, Hero No 1, etc
  •  Popular shows among like Chota Bheem, Vir the Robot boy, etc
  •  Weekend family movies like Mother Teressa, Alexander the great, etc
  •  Krishna movie series for the kids
  •  Animal movies for kids like Zoo wars, Penguin rescue, etc

With so many genres that are available online, parents have a wide range of options to select them as per their kid’s likings, and also to enhance their knowledge. This will further help to let their creative juices flow and will help them to imagine the characters they want to play and fit in.

Say for example. Superheroes play such a vital role in our kid’s life and that it gives them
a sense of power. These fictional figures give them imaginary wings to fly, freedom to
conceptualize, and fantasize about the characters they want to play. The roles played by
superheroes spark their life in such a way that it plays an impact on their overall growth.

So, here is the list of  Super Hero Action movies from ZEE5  that is been watched and loved by most of the kids, as each movie has a role model, story, plot and morals to be learned. Let me begin with my reviews on the same,

  1. Chhota Hatim and Seven Monsters

Image Source ZEE5

Chhota Hatim and Seven monsters is an animated fictional movie, where the story is about the Kingdom of Agrabad that is ruled by Surya Pratap. Princess Leela was very beautiful and was living happily in her palace, where all of a sudden Magician Vinayak appears and forces Leela to marry him. After rejecting his proposal, angry and wild Vinayak turns the princess into a stone and the story weaves around to save the princess from Vinayak. Chhota Hatim and his team accept the challenge to save the princess’s life and to do this they had to fight against Seven deadly monsters. They travel through the scary jungle, above the gushing stream, overlooking the mountains and somewhere in the scary jungle village. At every step Chhota Hatim, very brave, clever, and naughty fights against all the deadly, invisible, and dangerous monsters. Chhota Hatim and his team finally succeeds to kill all the seven monsters and reach to the palace to turn the princess into a beautiful girl again.

2. Hero No. 1

Image Source ZEE5

Hero No 1 is an animated superhero movie that is very sweet, funny, cute, educative that will keep kids entertained and they will surely love to watch it. This is a story of a very intelligent, brave, emotional, and sweet superhero Vir.  He is a very popular boy in the city and everybody looks up to him for help. Vir always loves to listen to stories from his Grandfather about Scientist Robot and learns new tricks and ideas. Mad Max on the other side is very angry and crazy finding Vir, He tries to spoil his image in the city but all his efforts go in vain. Vir with his flying wings saves everybody’s life in different episodes. The Goa bus incident where Vir saves the bus really touched my kid’s heart. Towards the end, Mad Max sends Timbaktoo in the disguise of Santa Claus where he gets caught and Vir very bravely rescues and saves Imli’s life. Overall, a very gripping story with such amazing sound and visual effects, background music, and clarity of speech of all the characters.

The story is weaved between these characters:

  • Vir, Hero no 1
  • Chulbul, Donkey on which Vir rides
  • Imli, his classmate
  • Gintu, the Jinn
  • Timbaktoo and Mad Max, the villain of the movie

3. GG Bond Ultimate Battle

Image Source ZEE5

GG Bond Ultimate Battle is a Chinese, animated, comedy, and adventurous movie about GG Bond, a superhero, and the main character who wears the red suit.  The plot is interesting, full of action, and will keep the kids glued to the screen till the end. The visual effects, the fighting scenes, and the dialogue delivery are good.  Overall, a nice movie for fun, entertainment, and action.

The main characters of this movie are as follows:

  • GG Bond, the main character, a yellow pig who wears a red suit.
  • Super Q, the muscular pig with a blue suit.
  • Phoebe, the pig with a pink dress, a bow who has short blonde hair.
  • Daddy, the one who wears a green and white suit.
  • Bobby, the pig in blue and shiny violet sunglasses.

4. Vir ka Mahasangram

Vir the superhero always with his intelligence and smartness saves the people in this city.  He fights using his brain and superpower and wins the heart of people. Mad Max, the wild and furious villain gets so annoyed with Vir and gets defeated in all the battles and plans made to get rid of Vir. Mad Max finally decides to take the help of Timbaktoo and Cat Mona to catch hold of Vir but in vain. After the repeated failure, Mad Max decides to send the deadly Danger Devil and Dark Magnus to catch Vir. They create a lot of havoc on his life and tries best to catch Vir, but once again they fail and Mad Max is super irritated. The whole story shows how hard and impossible it is to beat Super Hero Vir and showcases his bravery. Kids will totally love watching this one and will fall in love with Vir.

Image Source ZEE5

So, why let get our kids bored this lockdown when they have so many options and movies to watch on ZEE5. Parents if you are not aware of this option, it’s time to venture, explore, and select very wisely the screen time for our kids. Also, please check out the other kid’s favorite movies too only on ZEE5.

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