Millenials – Eatery and Bar, Fort, Mumbai

Millennials, Eatery and Bar, as the name goes is such an apt place for everyone who feels young at heart to hang out and cherish some yummy food. It is located at the prime location, at Fort near the Bombay Stock Exchange. Since it is at such a lovely location you will always find people coming in groups to dine at Millenials.

I had visited here during lunch hours and 2 big tables were already occupied. The moment I entered Millenials, I totally fell in love with the rustic and vintage vibes of this place. The decor here is so beautiful, and the whole place exudes a warm atmosphere. The service was good and the staff guys were cooperative. At Millenials, they play live music over the weekends, one more reason to visit this place with your friends and dear ones.



The menu is eclectic ranging from pasta, pizza, Lebanese, Mexican, burgers,  sizzlers, and more.
Coming to the main part:-
We tried 2 mocktails
Plum basil mojito
After a very long time, I enjoyed sipping on a mojito. Fresh chunks of plum and basil were muddled nicely to extract that flavors in the drink. It was so refreshing and was just the perfect way to start our lunch.

Plum Basil Mojito

Virgin Pinacolada
This is my all-time favorite and this one was just perfect, however, I wished it was a little colder.

Olive and tomato bruschetta
This was a winner dish for me.
Firstly, because I love bruschettas and secondly this one was loaded with veggies and cheese and sprinkled with oregano and chili flakes.

Millenials Eatery and Bar

Mezze platter
This is one dish that I always end up ordering and it’s healthy and delicious.
This platter included small portions of  Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Tabouleh, falafels, and pita bread. Everything tasted yummy and the flavors were banged on, pita bread served were soft and warm. Relished this one and by this time our tummies were nearly full.

Millenials Eatery and Bar

But who can say no to a Sizzler !!!
This was the last dish we had ordered
Millennial special veggie sizzler-
It was sizzling, yummy, and lip-smacking.
They had served rice, Paneer with gravy, stir fry vegetables, and French fries. Nothing can go wrong with this combination and yes it was a hit.

Millenials Eatery and Bar

Finally, we ended up our memorable meal with a small piece of chocolate brownie, OK not so small !!:)
Brownie was perfect and wasn’t extra sweet, so we polished it off.

Millenials Eatery and Bar

So for me, the overall experience was super and I will recommend this place to everyone who wants good food, great vibes, and lovely music.

Millenials Eatery and Bar

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