20 Meal Ideas for Lockdown

So how is lockdown treating you all?

Are you guys getting used to it or still feeling isolated and badly want to go out?  Let’s be honest, we don’t have any option to complain or whine, do we? So why not utilize this time and make the most of it, with all that we have. Quarantine has taught all of us basic principles of survival and we all must do it with a positive vibe. This is the time when one needs to maintain sanity and cool.

I am actually seeing so many people are getting creative with cooking, some are experimenting with baking, while few of them are even struggling to cook basics. Whatever the case may be, we all need good food to survive and especially when there are a pandemic situation and lockdown, we need to consider good home-cooked food that is easy to prepare, nutritious, effortless, and delicious.

Why you need to go through these recipes:-

  • The recipes are easy to prepare.
  • You can make them with limited ingredients.
  • No elaborate cooking methods involved.
  • All the dishes are healthy, well balanced, and tasty.
  • You can combine any 2-3 dishes and make your own meal plan for the following days.
  • All the dishes can be made either for lunch or for dinner as per your family’s likings.
  • Some of the recipes like pav bhaji, Subzi gravies, spinach puree, and tomato-based purees can be cooked in larger quantities like for eg sufficient enough to serve for say 2-3 meals and freeze it for your next meals to make cooking, cleaning and planning effortless and less time-consuming.
  • Most importantly plan your meals as per your family needs and taste.


Let us begin:-

1. Spinach / Palak puris

These Palak pooris or spinach puris are puffed Indian bread made with wheat flour and spinach puree. They are delicious and easy to prepare. They are an absolute versatile Indian bread that pairs well with all kinds of subzis. Though it is mainly served with Potato or Aloo subzi, dry or with gravy.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Spinach pooris


2. Stuffed Spinach paratha

Spinach and paneer make a great combination of iron and calcium. Stuffed parathas packed with curds make a simple and wholesome lunch. Spinach is a rich source of iron and cottage cheese is rich in calcium and protein. Together they make a super-duper healthy meal in itself. Pack this for your kid’s lunch or pack it for your hubby’s office lunch. They taste so yummy and pairs well with raita, dal makhani and salad.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Stuffed Spinach Paratha


3. Nachni methi theplas

These Nachni methi theplas are absolutely adaptable and perfect for any time of the day. They are nutritious with an earthy flavor. It’s made with the combination of Nachni flour which is also known as Ragi Flour or Finger millet along with wheat flour with the freshness of methi leaves and aroma of spices. Nachni is an excellent source of protein, iron, and calcium and is one of the most healthy cereals.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Nachni methi theplas

4. Cheese and red bell pepper stuffed parathas

This simple Cheese and Red bell pepper Stuffed parathas taste great and are mind-bending delicious. They are not less of any kind of addiction. This recipe is an amazing variation that is made with processed cheese, red bell peppers, cumin powder, and green chilies. It makes for a wholesome and delicious meal that is liked by one and all. Its cheesy, crunchy and when cooked just melts in the mouth. Tastes best when served with Boondi raita along with some pickle.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Cheese and red bell pepper parathas


5. Palak Paneer

My most favorite green which I incorporate on a daily basis is palak.
This green leafy vegetable is eaten on a regular basis at my house in all the possible ways. Palak paneer is one dish that my hubby and kids love it. When this is on the I am sorted with parathas and raita. I hope you all like this easy and delicious recipe.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Palak Paneer

6. Pumpkin and chickpea curry

This vibrant Vegan Pumpkin and Chickpea curry is healthy and a perfect winter comfort food.  It’s a one-pot dish made from pretty basic vegetable pumpkin and chickpeas. Coconut milk is added along with other spices to give a light flavor and great taste.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Pumpkin chickpea curry

7. Aloo Peanut subzi

Vrat wale Aloo Peanut ki subzi is such a humble and a simply wonderful option for Navratri / Fasting recipes. There can not be any dish as simple as this Vrat wale aloo, it is, delicious, nutty and cooks up in a jiffy. This dish is fairly simple as it has no onion and no garlic and also a light on spices as we cannot eat all the spices during fasting.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Aloo Peanut subzi

8. Achari paneer masala

Achari paneer masala is one of the most rustic and charming paneer recipes which has incredible flavors with a nice amalgamation of spices. It will bring alive all the taste of pickles and will surely tantalize your taste buds. The flavors of this achari or pickled paneer tikkas will appeal to developing and developed tastes alike.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Achari paneer masala

 9. Dhingri dolma / Mushroom curry

This is an Awadhi/Lucknowi preparation.Mushroom.Its an amazing dish and very simple to cook. I had made this as a valentine spread for my hubby. The taste was yummy and it was a hit dish at my place.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Dhingri dolma


10. Paneer mix vegetable

This delicious dish consists of a mix of paneer, potatoes, carrots, capsicums, and onions simmered in mildly spiced and creamy gravy. It is very healthy as it includes so many vegetables and hence a very good option for kids and grown-ups alike.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Paneer mix vegetable



11. Paneer Bhurji

This Paneer Bhurji subzi is very appetizing, scrumptious and it whips up in a jiffy. It is made with crumbled paneer and cooked in onion, capsicum and tomato gravy along with subtle use of spices. Paneer Bhurji is a very healthy, protein-rich, and low-calorie option as very less oil goes into preparing this.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Paneer Bhurji

12. Cabbage Thoran

Step-by-step pictorial recipe of Cabbage Thoran, a dry stir fry vegetable originating from the state of Kerala. It is served as a dry vegetable with chapatis or served as a side dish with steam rice along with sambhar. Thoran is finely chopped vegetables cooked with onions, spices, and freshly grated coconut. The coconut used in this recipe lens a nice flavor to this regular cabbage. Thoran can be made with any vegetables like beetroot, french beans, and carrots to name a few.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Cabbage Thoran

13.  Mumbai Tawa Pulao

Tawa Pulao is a term that all Mumbaikar’s are aware of. I am sure there will be not a single person in Mumbai who is not aware of this Tawa pulao. It is absolute flavorsome rice that is sold in every nook and corner of Mumbai. It is instantly cooked with vegetables and tossed with Indian spices.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Mumbai tawa pulao

14. Paneer mutter pulao

This Paneer Peas Pulav is a one-pot rice dish made that is flavorful and delicious. It is prepared in ghee with deep-fried paneer and boiled green peas. This pulao is a tempting variation of our regular pulao. It is filling and makes a hearty meal when served with curds and papads. This recipe is very convenient for bachelors as it is very easy and simple to follow.  Very few ingredients are required to make this Paneer peas pulao nd this will taste even better if you have pre-cooked rice.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Paneer mutter pulao

15. Vegan Thai buddha bowl

This Vegan Thai Buddha Bowl is a great way to put all together all the healthy ingredients in a bowl and serve it with sweet and spicy Thai dressing. It has all the nutrition and goodness of vegetables like zucchini, broccoli, and baby corn. It is a wholesome and balanced meal that also includes rice and chickpeas. You can either serve it as an individual portion or serve it in a big bowl for a party.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Vegan Thai buddha bowl

16. Vegan Pasta

Step-by-step pictorial recipe of vegan pasta, Oh! there you have it. This Vegan pasta is simple, quick, mildly flavored and can be cooked in 20 minutes. It is one of those meals that we all look to cook for a weeknight meal. It’s fuss-free and can be cooked with the veggies of your choice. Toss onions, bell peppers and garlic in olive oil and add dry oregano, thyme in it. Finally, add the pasta in it and voila you are done with a quick easy-peasy dinner option.

For the detailed recipe click the link here, Vegan Pasta


17. Vegetable and cheese quesadilla

Quesadillas are the most versatile and perfect mealtime options that can be served with any kind of fillings. Whether you have friends coming over for dinner or you are looking for a quick healthy, filling meal that’s prepared in 3o minutes then this recipe is a real winner. The fillings for quesadilla can be anything you fancy or wish to. There are no rules or limitations to it. In this Exotic and cheese quesadilla, I have used some of the exotic vegetables like zucchini, broccoli, bell peppers and have spiced up with jalapenos. Well, the most important ingredient that turns this vegetable quesadilla into a really exotic one is a combination of cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Once in a while, you need some change and treat your self if you have all these ingredients handy.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Vegetable and cheese quesadilla


18. Baby corn and bell pepper quesadilla

Baby corn and bell pepper quesadilla is my way to indulge in the yummies when life gets erratic. It’s such a simple, delicious and healthy choice when you are really busy. The tortillas are filled with the goodness of veggies and loaded with cheese. Voila!! what more do you need for a hearty meal on a busy day!! I just love them as they can be made the way you want it. Use the veggies you like and omit the ones you don’t. But please do not avoid cheese…maybe you can control the portion there. It’s a quick meal that can be made in less than 30 minutes.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Baby corn and bell pepper quesadilla

19.Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is one of those dishes that is liked and relished by each and every one. It is the quintessential street food that is available at every nook and corner. It was originated in Mumbai and people all over the country have adopted it eventually.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Pav Bhaji

20. Boondi Raita

Boondi raita is a yogurt-based side dish with fried Boondis in it. It is sweet, salty, and spicy with the crunch of Boondis. It is very easy to prepare and goes very well with Biryani, pulao, and stuffed parathas.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Boondi Raita

I hope you guys find this post useful in planning your meals. I will be soon coming up with other meal plans that will include dals, sabzis, and more. So stay tuned here.

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