14 Lockdown recipe ideas for Breakfast

Every morning starts with a new dream, new hope, and a new story. And we all hope to make it a great one each day and what better way to start your day with a healthy breakfast option. Sounds good??? Yeah.

So we all are into the Lockdown period and as difficult it may sound, we have to survive and live each day in a positive way. I know it sounds difficult, but trust me we all are in this together and we shall survive this. So now since everybody is at home and with no maids around managing the house and chores is a daunting task.

Since we are not allowed to go out or eat restaurant food as everything is shut, and with limited ingredients at our disposal we need to stick to staples and cook our daily meals wisely using minimal ingredients. Not that we cannot afford it, but yes at this moment we can’t afford to waste anything or even think of lavish meals or 5 or 7-course meals. Survival is the key that we all need to follow until we all are out of this pandemic situation.

So I am listing down a few breakfast recipes using limited ingredients that almost all of us have in our pantry and due to the scarcity of ingredients these days, we need to use the ingredients miserly yet smartly. At least I am trying my best to share these recipes with you all to make our lockdown a little bit easier. I hope these ideas and recipes work for you and help to plan out your breakfast at ease.

All the recipes that I have listed down here are easy, simple, healthy, nutritious, vegetarian, and also kids friendly and it will surely satiate everybody’s taste buds.

Why you need to try these recipes:-

  • It includes sweet as well as savory items that will take care of everybody’s taste buds.
  • You can cook most of these recipes using the ingredients that are already available in your pantry.
  • If you are a mom like me, you can surely win the best mom award as there are delicious kids friendly recipes also.
  • You can use the basic flours, veggies, grains, cereals, spices, etc that are almost available in our houses.

So whip up these recipes with love and positivity and feed your family the best you can. Good food is surely a good mood and if the family remains happy, content, and satiated you have rocked it.


Let us begin,

1. Overnight Oats

Mornings are busy like hell and even after micro-planning, you fall short of time. It happens with most of us. All we crave is to grab something healthy and delicious for breakfast that keeps us fuelled for the day. I normally prefer something that is quick and filling in the mornings. So I usually have these overnight Oats which is yummy and nutritive as well.

For the detailed recipe click the link here, Overnight Oats

2. Breakfast parfait

This Breakfast parfait is a delicious and healthy recipe. It’s a very refreshing and hearty way to start your day. It has bananas that will give you enough carbs to start your day, along with sweet yogurt that will take care of the proteins. Oats added in the parfait will give you enough fiber and pomegranates added in this parfait are rich in anti-oxidants.

For the detailed recipe click the link here, Breakfast Parfait

3. Chocolate and dates milkshake

This Chocolate and Dates Milkshake is so rich, luscious, and creamy. It’s loaded with vitamins and iron. This milkshake is made with dates, chocolate ice cream, milk, and corn flakes. Yes !! you heard me right!! I have sneaked cornflakes in the milkshake, well for 2 reasons. Firstly they are very healthy cereals and secondly they give a nice grainy texture to the milkshake.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Chocolate and Dates milkshake


4. Whole Wheat pancakes 

These Eggless Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes are fluffy, soft, sweet, healthy, and delicious.  My American Breakfast recipe makes for a perfect breakfast and is so easy to whip up. The batter requires few ingredients and is any day better than the readily make packets.  I always prefer to use whole grains over the processed one as they are any day healthier. This recipe is so darn good that you can make your kids happily eat them. Pack it for their snacks box or treat these whole wheat banana pancakes for breakfast for the entire family on a Sunday morning.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Whole wheat pancakes

5. Chocolate Pancakes 

This recipe makes make a great option for breakfast, or for after school snacks and at times even for desserts. I just pair it up with different kinds of fresh fruits that are handy and with chocolate sauce, melted chocolate, crushed oreo or honey. They can be whipped in a jiffy and definitely satiates your kid’s taste buds. Try this recipe and be sure to see a smile on your kid’s face. In this recipe, I have used all-purpose flour, but if you are planning to make it often and healthy add half of the wheat flour or use 1/2 of wheat flour and 1/2 of ragi flour. Works perfectly well. On this note, I guess today I am going to try pancakes with wheat and ragi flour and will be up with another variation.

For the detailed recipe click the link here, Chocolate pancakes


6. Masala Idli from leftover idli

This Masala Idli recipe is simple, addictive and such a breeze to prepare. This Recipe makes a fancy makeover for our simple and staple Idlis. It hardly takes 10 minutes to cook this recipe from leftover idlis of the previous day. This is a very versatile recipe and you can use as many vegetables you want to.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Masala idlis from leftover idli

7. Sabudana Khichdi

This dish is typically prepared for breakfast and also during fasting. The most important step for preparing Sabudana khichdi is to soak sabudana (Tapioca Pearls) in water for 3-4 hours at least or even overnight is preferred. So a little bit of planning goes for making this. Sabudana is full of starch and carbohydrates that are good for instant energy, and so it is often served with breakfast items and also for breaking fasts during religious festivals. It is consumed with chilled yogurt or peanut yogurt raita, cucumber, and capsicums.

For the detailed recipe click the link here, Sabudana khichdi

8. Masala Chana

This Mumbai Masala Chana as the name suggests is spicy, tangy, and crunchy. It is the most popular street food that is sold on the streets of Mumbai. The brownie point of this Mumbai Masala Chana is that it is healthy, nutritious, and filling and it’s even perfect for breakfast. Chanas are rich in proteins so it is preferred to have this either for breakfast, lunch or as an evening snack. Avoid having this masala chana at night time as it will keep you bloated for the entire night.

This is made with either brown chanas or green chanas. It is done in a jiffy as it hardly takes time to cook. All it requires is finely chopped onions, tomatoes, and green chilies that are sauteed in butter and mixed in spices. If you want to avoid butter in this recipe, you can skip this step and just mix onions and tomatoes in the chana, which will taste good too.

For the detailed recipe click the link here, Masala Chana

9. Corn Kees

Step by step process of how to make Corn kees or Bhutte ka kees will guide you to prepare this quintessential Corn delicacy. This dish is a specialty from Indore that comes in Madhya Pradesh state. Mild in flavor and sweet in taste, yet a savory snack. Bhutte ka kees has no onion and no garlic in it, so it also makes a perfect Jain dish.  It is ideal for an evening snack or even perfect as a morning breakfast, it will keep you satiated for a few hours.

For the detailed recipe click the link here, Corn kees


10. Vegetable Besan Chila

A step-by-step process of how to make savory gram flour pancakes.  Besan Cheela is a delicious and nutritious recipe that can be prepared in a jiffy. It is a pancake made with gram flour, vegetables, and spices. It is also known as besan (gram flour) Chila (pancakes, Besan Pudla (Gujarati term for pancakes), and even Vegetarian omelet as the texture and method of preparation is almost the same.

Besan Chila is a very healthy recipe that is served as breakfast or even for your evening tea time snack. It tastes good when you serve it hot along with bread toast, green coriander chutney, and tomato ketchup, Besan or Gram flour is a healthy flour that is rich in protein and is also gluten-free and vegan. Try including Besan in your diet as it has many health benefits. Check the detailed step-by-step recipe and try making it right away if you haven’t tried it yet.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Vegetable Besan Vhila


11. Aloo Tikki

We love aloo to death and its the most staple root that is loved by everyone !! Aloo Tikki is a perfect breakfast item or a party snack that is very simple to cook and appetizing.  It’s a North Indian street snack that is very popular and is liked by everyone. It is made with boiled potatoes and is so flavorful. The bread used in the recipe acts as a binding agent while ajwain helps digestion. Kids will love it too as an after school snack and it is so versatile that you can roll it in a chapati and have it like a Frankie or sandwich it between buns to relish it like an aloo Tikki burger. Check out the recipe for it as it is surely going to be in your to-do-list soon.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Aloo Tikki

12. Sheera

Sooji halwa is one such humble and pious Indian sweet which is made during all the occasions and festivals for breakfast or as an accompaniment with meals. It is associated with god and goddess and offered as prasadam to them.

It is easy to prepare and it gives a very spiritual feeling. My younger daughter likes it a lot so I also prepare at as after school snack for her and at times even give her in her lunch box.
I usually add almonds and raisins but this time I have added ghee roasted Dates with raisins as my daughter loves dates. So just gave a little tweak by adding these dry fruits. As always my daughter relished it and went ga ga about this halwa.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Sheera

13. Besan Halwa

Chickpea flour halwa or Besan halwa is a delicious Indian sweet that has earthy and rustic flavors. It is usually prepared for breakfast during festivals and poojas. Very few ingredients are required to make this Besan halwa. It is very easy and simple to prepare. Serve this Besan halwa hot and garnish it with dry fruits of your choice.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Besan halwa

14. Oats and dry fruit kheer

This Oats and dry fruit kheer is very healthy and delicious and serves as a healthy breakfast option if your family is craving something sweet in the morning. I am super excited for this Oats kheer with roasted almonds, pistachios and dry rose petals as it is simple, easy and can be cooked in a jiffy. I truly feel that cooking and exposing kids to healthy options is an ideal way to boost their self-esteem. Exposure to healthy food makes them understand their nutrition value and also helps them develop their taste buds.

For the detailed recipe click the link here Oats and dry fruit kheer



There are many recipes that can be made for breakfast, that I shall upload from time to time.

So many of you have requested to show easy recipes and share it with them. so Stay tuned as I have many posts coming for you guys especially to ease crisis during the lockdown.

I hope this post is helpful as every individual is doing the best to help and together we all can pass this crucial phase.

Happy planning, cooking, and cooking.

Feel free to share your views and ideas with me.

You can also email me on this id


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